Zumwalt Destroyer Protest at BIW
June 18, 2016


Latest on Zumwalt 12 - Februay 1, 2017

12 arrested at stealth destroyer christening in Maine
Video by Eric Herter

Photos by Regis Tremblay from Woolwich, Maine

You Are Not Alone

Media Coverage of the Zumwalt Destroyer Protest at BIW







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Dear friends,

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful contributions to a great event at BIW yesterday.  Those few of us who live in Bath are always deeply moved when others come here to help us create sparks that cause more reflection by our neighbors. Some things are shifting here.

The Zumwalt 12 (as named by Cynthia Howard) got some good coverage as you can see with the links above.  Photos from the protest are being widely share on Facebook.

We must give special thanks to Lisa Savage (rally MC) and Dan Ellis (sound man) who kept things moving all through the event.  I was really moved to hear ‘We shall not be moved’ being sung by Mike Hasty while we were sitting in the middle of the road.  Perfect song in the moment.

Also big thanks to Tarak Kauff and Juyeon Rhee who came from New York to be with us.  They both spoke at the rally and Tarak was one of those busted.

Our next step is to set a conference call for the Zumwalt 12 and our two legal advisers Lynne Williams and Phil Worden.  In our informal discussion at the jail yesterday it seemed we had consensus for now to all plead ‘not guilty’ and then wait to see what the system does in response.  Some might want to go all the way to trial, while others can change their plea at any time along the way before a trial.  I’d like to suggest either July 13 or 14 for the conference call.  So would Zumwalt 12 folks and lawyers please let me know which of those dates work best for you – ASAP.

After we were released from the Bath police department about 25 of us ‘occupied’ the Galley Restaurant (working man’s café)  just across the street from our place.  It was interesting to see the guys with Trump and NRA hats watch us in action.  More lovely sparks flying.....

In the meantime I urge each of the Zumwalt 12 to contact your local media and offer to do an interview about your arrest in Bath.  Sometimes papers are eager to do that kind of feature story. 

I’d also urge anyone so moved to write a Letter to the Editor to our local Times Record newspaper here in the midcoast about why you came to Bath and got yourself arrested.  Those letters will help keep the discussion, and our vision for a different kind of future, alive for awhile around here.  Send your letter to letters@timesrecord.com

Eric Herter is working on a video of the protest and we will share that ASAP.

Thanks again to all for making it a great day.

In peace,

Bruce K. Gagnon
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
PO Box 652
Brunswick, ME 04011
(207) 443-9502
http://space4peace.blogspot.com  (blog)

Solidarity Statement from Jeju Island to BIW Protest

One More Warship: Remarks at the Launching of a ‘Stealth’ Destroyer
by Dud Hendrick

Photos by Roger Leisner

Veterans For Peace
Tom Sturtevant Chapter
P.O. Box 927
Brunswick, ME 04011


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