Veterans for Peace, Chapter 001
Meeting Minutes
29 June 2006
Buker School, Augusta, Maine

Meeting began at 7:07 pm — ended at 9:15 pm.

Introductions of all present (approximately 15 members and one guest)

Doug said he had just been interviewed by Fox News. They are in Maine to do a story on the proposed Support the Troops license plates. Doug indicated he could not support the license plate as it could be construed at supporting the war in Iraq, and he clearly stated that he does not support the war and that he was representing VFP.

Secretary’s report. Minutes of 25 May meeting were accepted as distributed.

Treasurer’s report. We have $7,500 in the bank. We’re in pretty good shape financially. A dues letter for 2006/2007 will go out in September.

Doug noted that Michael Uhl’s article about the Brunswick march, in the National VFP newsletter, was very well written. Michael Uhl, editor of the national newsletter, distributed some issues.

Upcoming events: July 4th parade in Bath. VFP not officially entered. Those members wishing to march may march with PeaceWorks. They will meet at 10:30 a.m. at the Oak Grove Cemetery in Bath. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Four tabling events are coming up.

We need to think about what to put on the tables.
  1. July 28th to July 30th the Maine Social Forum in Lewiston at the Marsten Center in the Old Bates Mill, where we will have a table and participate in a workshop. The workshop will be on July 29th . Suggested topics were counter-recruiting or war versus non-violence. Doug and Jack agreed to facilitate a conversation. It was suggested we could have book covers, the Addicted to War book, the articles “War as a Virus”, “The Seville Statement,” and PTSD material and other items on the table. The theme of the conference is “Another World is Possible” — where corporations do not run the world. Tom Sturtevant said the AFSC will have counter-recruiting information as well as having the big roulette wheel at the Maine Social Forum.

  2. Peace Fair, Brunswick, August 5th — 10 a.m.-4 p.m. A request has been made for the Hugh Thompson float to be on the mall with 1000 Hugh Thompson brochures. Bob Dale, Stan Lofchie and Tom Sturtevant will staff the table. VFP voted $100 donation to the Peace Fair. The True Cost of War display will be at the Peace Fair. Stan said he will do the brochures (after Dan Ellis revises them by putting in more information about Alan McGillivray, the float designer). Doug will deliver the float to Stan on Friday, August 4th. There will also be a statement about Hiroshima at the table.

  3. VFP Annual Convention in August in Seattle. Doug is attending and Bruce is a featured speaker. It was thought that Hugh Thompson brochure, info about the PTSD workshop, book covers, our banner and the Cost of War Display should be at the Chapter 001 table at the convention.

  4. Common Ground Fair — Sept 22. We will set up our two tables in our usual location. We will be providing a speaker on Sat morning. It was suggested that we set up the Hugh Thompson display near our tables. Anybody who can attend part of or all of the days of the Common Ground Fair—your assistance will be appreciated. Doug will order bumper stickers, buttons, copies of “Addicted to War” books, and posters from VFP national office for use at all tables. The Cost of War brochures need to be updated reflecting the membership cost of $15 and that there are now 34 organizations in Maine Share in 2006. Bob Lezer will do this. Anyone with suggestions for the tables, please contact Doug at with your ideas.
We have been asked to co-sponsor a September 5th appearance of Dahr Jamail in Portland and Bangor. The most immediate cost is $550 for the Hannaford Lecture hall in Portland. It was moved by Stan and seconded by Dud that we donate $200. It was approved. The check will be sent to Kate Harris.

New England Summit Meeting. July 28th—July 30th. To be held in Vermont — organized by Dan DeWalt of Newfane, Vermont, who was instrumental in his town passing a resolution calling for the impeachment of George Bush. July 28th & 29th will be spent in a strategizing session discussing impeachment and bringing the troops home now. On July 30th there will be a rally with Code Pink and Cindy Sheehan. It was agreed that up to 4 members from VFP Chapter 001 could go, with each being reimbursed $50 for expenses. Dud is planning to go & would like 3 other members to join him. Please contact Dud and let him know if you’re interested..

Michael suggested that at future events we also talk about depleted uranium and the PTSD issue as they have continuing effects on populations and soldiers from war. Doug stated that Kim Hawkins is a good source of information on depleted uranium and mandatory testing. We should get her to speak at one of our monthly meetings.

Dud stated that Deer Isle is looking into passing a resolution calling for the impeachment of George Bush.

Bob Lezer stated that in the upcoming legislative session there should be a strong effort to pass resolutions, preferably legislation calling for the return of all National Guard troops from Iraq, and another piece of legislation setting limits on the deployment of the National Guard in the future. The membership could be asked to contact their legislators prior to the upcoming legislative session in January.

Doug said he wants to hold a November retreat.

Maine Principals’ Association—We agreed to have a 1/4 page ad in the Sept edition. Cost of $210. Moved by Dud, seconded by Bob—approved. Suggested ad might say “Have you given your students a chance to opt out?” If you have any ideas, contact Doug immediately. Ad copy needs to be in by early August in order to have the ad appear in the September issue. We will also try to get a table at the Principals’ convention held at the Samoset in 2007.

Jack Bussell’s letter to Maine School principals concerning the use of National Guard troops to conduct drug programs at Maine middle schools was read. We agreed that Jack was right on target with his initiative. Great job, Jack.

Question was asked if the Maine National Guard was going to be doing border duty. Richard thought they were. Susan and Bill Leonard thought that Homeland Security was supposed to secure the Northern border from New York through Maine.

Stan passed out an article entitled “A Primer on PTSD” by Mark Levy.

Michael Uhl reported on his month long trip to Italy, sponsored by the Italian organization— A Bridge to Baghdad, who have had 2 of its members kidnapped. He spoke with both American and Italian audiences and was asked to write an article. Michael noted that there is no concept of veterans in Europe. Veterans groups seem to be a United States phenomenon.

Peter Buotte, a new member, gave out CD’s containing interviews, to VFP Chapter 001 president, secretary and treasurer.

George Goodwin of Boothbay had a great letter to the editor published in the BoothBay Register on June 15th. Tom read the letter, which responded to criticism of Veteran for Peace participating in the Memorial Day Parade in Brunswick.

Jim Nesbit, a guest, presented information on a DVD discussing the 9/11 scandal with a call to reopen the 9/11 investigation, at the end of this meeting. He suggested we have information about 9/11 on the table at Social Forum.

Next meeting will be on August 31st in Lewiston.

Maine Veterans For Peace
Chapter 001
13 Soper Road
Chesterville, Me 04938


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