Veterans for Peace
William Ladd Chapter 001
Minutes from Business Meeting
June 28, 2008
L/A College
Lewiston, Maine

Meeting called to order 7:15 PM.

In attendance: Dud Hendrick, Jack Bussell, Tom Sturtevant, Bob Lezer, Victor Skorapa, Stan Lofchie, Bruce Gagnon, Arthur Whitman, Peggy Akers, Dan Ellis, Michael Uhl, Tim Blanchette, Paolo Isnardi.

New member, Paolo Isnardi, was welcomed.

Arthur Whitman was welcomed back after a long illness.

  • Treasurer’s Report (Tim Blanchette): Maine PTSD Symposium costs not received. Jack Bussell had invoice but there were errors that had to be resolved. Costs for USM space and food would be approximately $3,000.

    MaineShare distribution received. $3,333.00 received.

    Balance is decidedly lower than earlier in the year but sufficient to cover our expected costs.

    Treasurer’s report was approved as presented.

  • Old Business:

  • PTSD Symposium Report (Michael Uhl): There was a much lower attendance this year than last. Lower attendance coupled with higher costs and a loss of Maine state funds insured a financial loss. Everyone felt that, regardless of financial loss, the Symposium was a success in presenting PTSD to a wide range of attendees.

    Michael felt that we must do more in reaching out to prospective attendees including PTSD care providers, medical personnel, veterans and their families. That more must be done in advertising locally and state wide promoting the event.

    The chapter unanimously agreed that the Symposium should be continued in 2009 and, even though the national convention will be held in Portland in 2010, that the Symposium still be held that year.

    Michael Uhl asked that the chapter approve his chairing the committee for the next year which the chapter did unanimously. The PTSD committee was reconstituted with the same members as last year. NOTE: If there are any chapter members who did not attend this last meeting but who would like to participate in planning for the next PTSD symposium please contact Michael at

  • National Convention, 2010 (Jack Bussell): Discussed the various location options available to the chapter. University of New England, Eastland Hotel and a lead for the facilities at Souther Maine Community College in South Portland. The committee has site visits prior to our July 24th Portland monthly meeting and a report will be presented at that time.. Renting a van to take 7 members of committee to UNE, Eastland and if contact can be made, to SMCC. Nothing further was reported.

  • Calendar: There will be no calendar for coming year.

  • NO STAR WARS Days of Fasting (Bruce Gagnon): Bruce discussed participation in Maine (Bruce fasting for 14 days, Mary Beth Sullivan fasting for 14 days; Bob Lezer fasting for 3 days with Mary Chapman and Lynn Ellis continuing the fasts). Bruce also discussed what was going on in the country and internationally during this protest against the military American Star War’s installations planned for the Czech Republic and Poland.

  • Guantanamo Cell Exhibit event, Monument Square, Portland (Jack Bussell), June 5 - 7: There were approx 50 - 60 people present at the opening ceremony, June 5th, which Bussell felt was disappointing given the publicity attendant with the presentation. The Director of A.I. spoke as did the Northeast coordinator for A.I. Bussell was able to get an opinion piece in the Portland Press Herald on the June 5th which was a close version of what he presented at the event. Presentation is available if anyone interested (contact Bussell at

  • Maine Democratic Convention (Tom Sturtevant): Maine VFP staffed a table at the convention for 3 days. Tom felt that it was well worth the time and funds. Most all of the material brought was given out and many productive, we hope, conversations took place with various delegates.

  • Brunswick Memorial Day Parade (Stan Lofchie): The chapter had a very good turnout and our group was well received. We consolidated the walking unit with the Brunswick Peace Works and Military Families Speak Out group for the parade. In response to a comment from the floor about whether Maine VFP should even be participating in this type of a parade given the glorification of war that it promotes, it was determined that yes, we should be participating, as we are the only group that is able to get the word “peace “ into an otherwise militaristic function.

  • Let Them Return report (Dud Hendrick). Dud gave a report of the Diego Garcia movement. Dud will be going to London June 27th in relation to this event on a grant from UMO.

  • Brunswick Peace Fair, August 2nd. Maine VFP chapter will have a presence.

  • Common Ground Country Fair (Tom Sturtevant). Chapter OK’d a request from Tom to submit an advertisement for the CGCF fair booklet. 1/4 page ad. We will have a single booth. Dates of fair are September 19/20/21. Bangor chapter will be invited to participate with us. We need volunteers to help with staffing the booth. Please contact Tom at 377-2370 if you would like to assist.

  • WERU Fair. Bangor chapter will staff and our chapter will participate as necessary.

  • Web Sites (Dan Ellis): Bangor does not have a web site. Dan suggested that Bangor piggyback on our site which, after discussion, was agreed to. It was suggested that Dan be paid $600 for the year for the use of his professional expertise in maintaining the Maine VFP web site. Motion approved unanimously.

  • 2008 National Convention, Minneapolis. Dud Hendrick and Kristina Wolff will be attending representing Maine VFP. It was agreed, unanimously, that $300 be appropriated to assist with the cost for Michael Uhl, a national board member, attending.

  • Blue Angels (September 6th and 7th) and Aegis Christening (October 18th): VFP will have a presence at both of these events. Bruce Gagnon and Jack Bussell are coordinating the actions and have put the two actions together for planning purposes. Planning to invite one speaker to each event. Committee is Bruce Gagnon, Jack Bussell, Peggy Akers, Bob Lezer and Tom Sturtevant.

  • New Business:

  • No More Victims: Chapter passed a motion to donate $150 towards expenses in bringing a wounded Iraqi child to Maine for surgery to repair damage caused by U.S. forces.

  • Fair Trade Organization: A motion was made to donate $200 to the Maine Fair Trade organization. In a discussion it was brought out that Maine VFP has donated $100 to the group for a few years. This year they asked if we could increase our donation to $200. A friendly amendment was offered that Maine VFP contribute but at the $100 level of previous years. This was approved.

  • Donation/Contribution Policy: In the discussion that occurred from the above motion it was felt that Maine VFP is being asked by too many organizations for donations/contributions for various projects that often do not relate to our primary mission of abolishing war. It was suggested that a policy be prepared that would restrict Maine VFP donations/contributions to organizations unless they are working for peace and the abolishment of war. Policy will be prepared and submitted to the membership at a future meeting.

  • Resolution submitted by Gerald Oleson: The resolution was read. There was a consensus that resolutions such as the one submitted by Gerald should be taken up with national. No further discussion. Resolution was not seconded.
Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM.

Jack Bussell Scriba Ad Tempus
(Doug Rawlings Scriba Absens)


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