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Commission to Protect the Lives and Health of Members of the Maine National Guard

Who Has Authority Over Maine's National Guard?

Troops Trying to Get Out

Backlog at VA Hospitals

GI's In Iraq ask: "Why are we here?"

Soldier Sues U.S. Government Over Extended Service

Iraq Vet Speaks on the Atrocities of war

G.I. Fight Back Newsletter

Parents of an Iraqi Vet who committed suicide interviewed by Amy Goodman


VFP member Maureen Griswold Takes On The Conservatives

Stars and Stripes Letters to the Editor/European and Mideast Editions

Vietnam Recollections

Inactive Reservists Forced to Sign Up Again

Mental health problems for Iraqi Vets

More on mental health of Iraqi Vets

Disabled Vets Getting Screwed

Bush Government Keeping Benefits Package From Vets

Veterans Today Web Page: Jobs, etc

Veterans For Peace
William Ladd Chapter
P.O. Box 10
Deer Isle, ME 04627


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