Letters to the Wall
Memorial Day 2015

Photos by Ellen Davidson

By now, most of you probably know what a fabulous event Doug Rawlings put together yesterday. It worked out just as planned, with a dignified group of us walking along the wall laying the letters, and many reports of people picking them up and reading them and other interactions. People appreciated our presence and the messages on our shirts. Roger's Bell Tower was spectacularly placed right near the Lincoln Memorial, attracting a lot of passersby. The weather was beautiful and we had a lovely celebration afterwards at one of the Busboys and Poets Cafes, where owner and activist Andy Shalal arranged for the cards printed with VFP's statement of purpose to be included in the little folders that hold the checks as a special Memorial Day offering.

All in all, kudos to Doug, Roger, and all the folks who showed up, those who couldn't come but sent their letters, and those whose spirits were with us in so many ways.

Below is a link to my pictures, plus my favorite photo from the day, where the ghosts of those killed in all our wars seem to be looking over Mike T's shoulder as he places a letter by the base of the wall. I especially love that the Smedley Butler quote on the back of his shirt is so clearly legible.


Veterans For Peace
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