December 27, 2005

Dear Frida Bus Crew:

As president of Maine Veterans for Peace I am sending you a check for $250.00 to help in your humanitarian efforts on behalf of the Katrina Hurricane victims. We are sending this check in memory of Meg Perry, a young woman who so eloquently carried forth our message of peace and reconciliation in a world torn apart by war. Those Veterans for Peace members who worked alongside Meg in Maine and in Louisiana speak of her commitment, compassion, and intelligence.

Veterans for Peace is twenty years old this year and, quite frankly, we are showing our age -- the median age of its membership probably hovers in the mid-fifties. Many of us are veterans of the Vietnam War who have realized for years now that military solutions just donít work. Thatís why we take great pleasure and are honored by the opportunity to join forces with younger people like Meg in our efforts to educate others about the futility of employing violent means to achieving a peaceful world. Thatís why we so eagerly supported her commitment to not only speak about peace but actually work towards it with the sweat of her brow and the generosity of her heart.

Many of us are also parents of wonderful young men and women who are also working to make the world a better place, so we feel deeply the loss of a young woman much like our own children. We know that there is little consolation that we can offer those who will miss Meg on a more personal level, other than to say that knowing she died intentionally working for others is certainly the most noblest of deaths.

We will continue our own work to abolish war and to bring peace into this world, certain that we are that much stronger and more committed to peace having known Meg. We share with you the strength of carrying Megís spirit in our hearts. Take good care.

In deepest sympathy and in continued commitment,
Doug Rawlings

Maine Veterans For Peace
Chapter 001
13 Soper Road
Chesterville, Me 04938


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