The Iraq War

War Report

The War in Iraq: Daily Updates and Articles

American Casualties in Iraq: Updated daily

Great Graphic On Casualties in Iraq War

Personal Information on the Soldiers Killed in Iraq

Iraqi Civilian Dead Since U.S. Invasion: Updated daily

Iraq War Memorial (with multiple links to casualty information)


Iraqi Veterans Against the War Web Site

Yellow Times: News from the Front

War College Report Comparing Iraq War to Vietnam War

Send a Letter or a Package To A Soldier in Iraq

The Costs of the War: June 28, 2004

GAO Report on Iraq July, 2004

Iraq Occupation Watch

Robert Fisk on Paul Bremer and his CPA: July 4, 2004

Sharing Patrols with Iraqis

Iraq on the Record Database: 237 misleading statements about the War in Iraq

Arms Shipments to Iraq: July 15, 2004

Depleted Uranium

Troops Leaving Iraq?

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