VFP Maine Chapter 001

Minutes – May 28, 2019 – Virtual Meeting

Attendance: Doug R., John M., Dan E., Eric H., Richard C., Peter M., Dud H., Suzanne H., Peggy A., Ed J., Dave L., Peter W., Martha M., Sally & Jon, and Herb Hoffman (from Albuquerque)

Treasurer report – Dan – $5,464 in treasury – excellent response in dues payments.

Secretary report – given orally (not yet on line)

Eric suggested the possibility of having Brian Leonard help with the chapter web site. Doug will contact Brian.

Doug gave an update on The Peace and Planet News. Copies may be ordered (see web site for details)

Doug has copies of his most recent book of poetry. Contact him if interested. Cost is $20.

Remainder of meeting was devoted to discussion of various ways we could be involved going forward, especially in light of the restrictive atmosphere imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Suggestions and thoughts offered were as follows:

Peggy – any help to those in need should be in the form of material goods rather than money.

Herb – need to remain nonviolent and also to resist efforts to privatize the Veterans Administration.

Dan – use Zoom meeting to discuss future plans and actions.

Dud – connection between climate crisis and the military.

Herb – stay informed on health care issues.

Peggy – need to recruit younger veterans. Possible source – About Face

Herb – sponsor essay contest in high schools on the cost of war

Dud – possibility of inviting representatives of organizations such as Sunrise Movement and Extinction Rebellion to speak at meetings

Peggy – possible assistance at elections.

Peter M. – contact with Sunrise Movement at Bowdoin College.

Herb – any military connection with the four police officers involved in the Minneapolis murder of George Floyd?

Peter M. – support for Moms Demand Action.

Upcoming events:

2020 Common Ground Fair cancelled.

2020 VFP Convention will be on line

Women in Black – every Friday at 5PM – Congress Square, Portland

Black Lives Matter rally – Friday, May 29 – 4PM – Whole Foods, Portland

Meeting adjourned at 8:30PM. Next meeting Thursday, June 25 on line via Zoom. Please send any agenda items you may have to Doug Rawlings.