Meeting opened at 7:06 PM by President Doug Rawlings
Attendance: Richard Clement, Peter Morgan, Dan Ellis, Peter Woodruff, Martha Morrison, Martha Spiess, Peggy Akers, Dud Hendrick, Eric Herter, Bill Leonard, Dave Larsen, Herb Hoffman, Doug Rawlings, John Morris, Peter O’Brien, Seth Berner, Don Kimball Inspirational messages: “Where Have All the Flowers Gone”, song by Pete Seeger,  remembrances of Jack Bussell from
Bill, Seth, Herb, Peggy, Brown Lethem and Steve Fournier (the last two read by Doug).
Secretary report: Feb. minutes accepted as written.
Treasurer report: $6768.22 in the bank. Bud Buzzell’s computer cost $500.Dan raised the question of how we could spend some of this money but no suggestions were offered.
Membership report: Two new members added to the total. Dues drive will begin on May 1.
Archives project: Doug reported that the Bates College Library has a video of interviews with former (and maybe current?) members of the chapter and that their archivist would be interested in receiving written items of significance. Anyone in possession of relevant material should get it to Dan Ellis.
Mainshare: Richard sent them a list of our chapter activities which they were happy to receive.He will attend their yearly meeting (via Zoom) on April 27.The proposed merger of Maineshare with Maine Initiative has not yet been finalized and Richard expressed concern about the lack of information about the merger that has been so far made available. A survey has been prepared by Maineshare to help with the merger and will be made available on the Listserv . VFP chapter members are encouraged to complete the survey as it will enhance our standing as a participating member group with Mainshare.
Moms Demand Action: Peter Morgan reported on the current state of gun control legislation at the state level and raised the possibility of a donation by the chapter to MDA.
Homeless veterans: Peggy reported that $500 is still available for homeless vets and that a priority for them would be cell phones. She will coordinate. with the Preble Street veterans program to determine the best use of these funds.
War Tax Action, May 17th. Discussion was held on actions that we might take. Possibilities include a display of banners depicting military spending, demonstrations at post offices, and collaboration with Peace Works or Peace Action. Martha Spiess will contact the Town of Brunswick for permission to hold a rally on the town green.
Discussion was held on the pros and cons of war movies.
Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM. Next meeting (Zoom) on Thursday, April 29.