Veterans for Peace
William Ladd Chapter 1
April 26, 2012
Meg Perry Center
Portland, Maine

Attendees: Barry Wheaton, Nicole Moreau Richard Clement, Rita Clement, Dan Ellis,Peggy Akers,Clarence “Smitty” Smith, Doug Rawlings, Victor Skorapa, Ed McCarthy, Dave Crowley and Bob Lezer.


Celebrated Nicole Moreau on her pending graduation from UMF and her most able support and efforts on behalf of VFP. Presentation and a cake.

Minutes from March accepted as distributed.

Treasurers report circulated and approved.

Finance Committee: Peggy distributed the new budget base on the 2010 – 2011 budget.

MaineShare: Richard reports that the Annual meeting is May 22 from 1-3:30 P.M. Richard will be there as our representative and others free to join him if they wish. Check with Richard for details. VFP needs to get 15 points each year for MaineShare. We get a point for each time we have a MaineShare sign at any of our public events. We will invite Hilde from MaineShare to speak to us in the future.

Membership: Dan reports that we have 152 Total members of which 11 are Honorary, 26 associate, 9 Donors and 1 Life time member. We have 107 PAID members.

Education: Nothing to report. Scheduling a meeting with Rosalie for training regarding entering schools.

Media: Media Committee has met and Maine is divided into Zones for distribution of press releases, letters to editors and VFP news. Smitty reports that the Mainely media organization is interested in VFP and perhaps will do a story. Bob and Smtty will meet to divide up the Portland media market. Bob also has Lewiston/Auburn for the time being.

Outreach: Dan reports that a priority is a new brochure. A draft distributed. After discussion, approved that we get 500 copied and folded for $112.50 on 28 lb. stock in ivory or cream. Dan to coordinate.

Bring Our War $$ Home: Dan reports for Bruce. Bruce says that many VFPers are turning out for his talks on his West coast speaking tour. VFP has also sponsored many of his talks. Bruce is peaking about Peace Activism and JeJu Island.
Bruce wants to start planning the 26 and 27 of August demonstration of the Thunderbirds when they come to Brunswick.

PTSD: Doug reports that the Tri-County Mental Health is sponsoring a symposia at UMF in September. The theme is “What Does Mom or God Have To Do With It.” Look at unseen Spiritual or moral injuries. Work shops and displays are being submitted for approval. Doug says the VA is hiring more mental Health workers as it is in crisis in this area. Tri-County Mental health is really trying to reach out to Veterans. Doug says that Paula Caplan will speak on alternative approaches to mental health treatment.
Richard says that the Kennebec County Sheriff , Served two tours in Iraq, is supportin a 1/2 to 1 day workshop for 1st responders. Doug wonders if VFP can be an asset in this endeavor. veterans helping Veterans. Richard will look into.

Welcome Home project: Bruce will report on at the next meeting.

Doug: national VFP report. Veterans peace teams are being formed as part of a national VFP project. For local training we will need 10 people in a class. A show of hands indicates we will meet this threshold. We will ask on the list serve who is interested.
VfP National is: In the black financially, membership is steady, have International satus, 2012 Convention in Miami in August, National has a new web site, Leah Bolger doing a good job as Board president, new Executive Director Mike reed is doing well, there will be a monthly webinar.

Doing a National walk-a-thon involving 5 Chapters. Proceeds split between Chapters and national.

A bikeathon/walkathon was discussed to be done in Spring of 2013 or fall of 2012.

We need a new banner with our Chapter name.

A peace group in Winthrop wants to plant a Sugar maple tree at the Winthrop Elementary School. Mary wants to know if OK? YES.

Tom Sturtevant Scholarship: Education Committee working on. $465 in with $250 dedicated to the Occupy movement.

Peggy reports that we have boxes and boxes of Toms’ books. What to do with. Sort, catalog and create a library. Donate?

Dan reports that all the paper work is at National in for renaming the Chapter to the Tom Sturtevant Chapter. We are waiting for a response from National. Kristina will let us know when final.

A full page ad in the 2012 VFP National Convention program for VFP 1 was approved at a cost of $200. Doug and Dan will work up a draft ad.
Dan will be doing the National 2012 VFP Convention program.

There was a discussion about the need for formal financial guidelines for the Chapter. It was decided to leave the system as it is.

May 20th there will be a demonstration at Colby College to protest the presence of Tony Blair. contact Carole Whelan for more information.

Maine Democratic Convention- June 1-3 at the Augusta Civic Center. Do we wish to buy a room or a table for our display and presence. A table was decided on.

Brunswick/Topsham Memorial Day (Monday, May 28th) Parade; We will participate and will pass out brochures and carry many VFP flags. We agreed to buy more VFP flags. Will need to make more PVC two piece flag poles. Volunteers. Contact Peggy.

Peggy spoke of the May 1 strike she attended.

Also Veterans for Peace was represented at Earth Day Celebrations and at International Womens’ Day.

Dan is THANKED for his work on our list serve.

Next meeting: May 31, Thursday in Brunswick.

Meeting adjourned at 9:07 P.M.