Veterans for Peace
Tom Sturtevant Chapter 1
April 25, 2013
Augusta, Maine

Attending: Rita Clement, Diane Messer, Bud Buzzell, Clarence Smith, Regis Tremblay, Richard Clement, Peter Woodruff, Dud Hendrick, Bruce Gagnon

Guest speaker: Matt Byron is making a documentary film that will encourage Americans to plant orchards in their yards. This will help us use less oil which will lessen the need for war. Matt is looking for a few vets to interview and plant some trees. He will provide the trees. Contact Matt at 207-239-5928 if interested in talking with him.

Secretary Report: Minutes from last meeting were accepted. They can be found at our website.

Treasurer Report: None available. John Olsen did not need our previous $50 donation.

MaineShare: May 21 is the annual meeting, Richard will go. Others are invited to join him.

Membership: Dan’s ride to the meeting didn’t work out. Thus no report.

Media: Smitty will contact CH 5 in Portland about the War Trauma symposium

Outreach: Bruce was interviewed on TV as representative of VFP at the April 7 Teach-In at UMO. He also continues to work on the Maine legislature drone bill.

Non-Violence Training: At the time of the meeting only seven people had registered. {The May 11-12 event has since been cancelled due to lack of registrations.]

War Trauma Symposium: The May 18 event had 13 registrations at the time of the meeting. Please help encourage attendance.

By-Laws: Smitty presented his research on national by-laws. Our chapter by-laws were never found. Smitty will go the next step and draft us a set of new chapter by-laws and bring to next meeting. (Might be good to email them out to chapter prior to meeting so folks have time to review them.)

Peace Fair: The Peace Fair on Aug 3 in Brunswick is encouraging VFP to bring our button maker again and join a peace circle. The fair will divide groups tabling into various circles and VFP would be in the peace circle.

Convention Ad: Agreed to purchase a $125 1/2 page ad in the convention booklet. Ask Dan to design it. Our message would be: Maine VFP supports Jeju Island Naval Base Resistance. See the new “Ghosts of Jeju” film.

Documentary: Another recommended film is called “Where Soldiers Come From. See trailer at

Ray McGovern: We endorse the Ray McGovern speaking tour in Maine and will donate $50 toward tour expenses. Michael Cutting in Portland is coordinating the tour.

Korea Speaker: Young Hee Jeong will speak in Brunswick on April 28. She is a leader in the Gangjeong village Navy base resistance.

Memorial Day Parade: VFP will again join with PeaceWorks in the Brunswick/Topsham parade on May 27. More details soon.

Bradley Manning: On June 1 a big rally will be held at Ft. Meade, MD trial of Manning. Diane Messer is going.

Dud’s Jeju Trip: Dud has just returned from Jeju Island where he went as a representative of our chapter. He said it was a valuable trip and he intends to do all he can to help the villagers fight. He called the Korean War the forgotten war. He needs $1,277.77 for flight reimbursement. The base construction is behind schedule due to the protests. He saw 5-6 arrests while there. Police rounding up people in recent days. So far 160,000 South Korean police have been rotated through Gangjeong. At the end of the trip Dud made a speech in Seoul during Global Day of Action Against Military Spending. Regis commented that we need to get national VFP more on-board this issue. Diane said that we are taunting North Korea.

Next meeting: May 30, 7 pm, McClellan Multipurpose Room, 85 Union Street, Brunswick