April 2017, 2017, Brunswick, Maine

Richard opened meeting at 7:05

Members present: Richard Clement, LeRoy Lowell, John Morris, Dan Ellis, Bud Buzzell, Clarence Smith, Brian Clement, Peter Morgan, Carl Smith, David Larsen, Peggy Akers

Dan played a recording of a David Mallett song “Celebration”

Minutes of March meeting accepted as written

Dan-Treasurer’s report-total assets as of 4/26/2017-$4,997.41

Maine Share annual meeting on 5/16. Robin, Doug, and Richard will attend

Dan-membership report-2 new members-total membership of 100 of which 69 are paid-up dues paying members

Richard reported on Regis’ film tour. Currently finishing up with another tour planned for May. Film is generating considerable interest throughout the country and the world

Calendar project-except for $500, no money will be forthcoming from the Zinn Foundation. More funding will be needed by June

Letters to the Wall/DC Memorial Day Action-Doug has distributed copies of the Letters to the Wall book to various schools and organizations. 340 copies have already been sold and may be purchased on lulu.com (in the history section). Letters will once again be placed at the wall on Memorial Day. Details for May 29/30 are on listserv emails and veterans are encouraged to be in DC for the events

Richard is still seeking a replacement for himself as chapter president.

Memorial Day parade in Brunswick/Topsham on May 29-see listserv for details

A gathering to remember Arthur Whitman will be held at 5 PM on May 6 in Belfast.

A public hearing on a health care bill (LD 1274) will be held at 1 PM on May 4 in room 220 of the Cross building in Augusta.

The Brunswick Peace Fair will be held this year on August 5th.

A film screening of “Beyond the Divide” will be held on April 27at UMF , sponsored by VFP and the UMF Diversity Lab. This is a film made by Vietnam veterans and the peace community of Missoula, Montana.

VFP will co-sponsor an event at the Reversing Falls Sanctuary in Brooksville at 7 PM on May 13 and will donate $100 for the speaker, Robin Wall Kimmerer, a Native American story teller and botanist

Dave Larsen reported on the April 15th “President Trump: release your taxes” rally in Portland. He estimated about 300 people at the rally in front of City Hall

The GDAMS media event was held in Portland on April 18th. Attendance was sparse, probably due to the cold weather, but VFP was well represented. It was suggested that next year it be held in front of the Post Office but this would be problematic due to space limitations.

Peter M. and John M. represented VFP at the Science March in Portland. Several hundred people marched from Monument Square to Congress Square, followed by the usual speechmaking

Doug will teach a class on military history at Baxter Academy on May 6th and will also lead five discussions at the Maine Humanities Council with eight veterans who have recently been released from prison. He will do this together with the Rolling Thunder organization

Carl Smith asked about support for the “Aegis Nine” group in their upcoming legal battle following their arrest at BIW on April 1. Their arraignment on charges of criminal trespass will be at 1 PM on May 16 at the district court in West Bath. Future court appearances are still to be determined.

Bud gave an update concerning his health issues. We all wish him well with his upcoming medical procedures.

Discussion was held on our tax status. Dan will do research on the subject.

Discussion was held on the availability and accessibility of our membership lists. No definite information was forthcoming.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM

Next meeting in Augusta on May 25