Meeting opened at 7 pm

Attendees: Doug, Dan, Richard, Eric, Peter M, Peter W, Dave L, Suzanne, Dud, Peggy, Tom W, Martha, John

Inspiration – One Love (song by Bob Marley)

Secretary report – none

Treasurer report – $5,540 in treasury

Dues ($30) due by May 1 – Peggy sent letters to all members.

Doug has 25 new Letters to the Wall – will send out reminders

Dan – should we subscribe to Zoom? – no action taken

Martha reported that the first USM student to operate web site did not work out and suggested we try to enlist another one

Peter M reminded everyone to wear orange to the next meeting (for Moms Demand Action)

Discussion held on donations to other organizations – possibilities to include Moms Demand Action, Poor Peoples Campaign, Extinction Rebellion,and Sunrise Movement

Doug reported on Peace and Planet News – distribution is a problem – copies could be given to the State Library and other libraries. Doug has 1 bundle, Dud has 1, and Eric has 2.

Doug requested anyone who  wants copies of his poetry to let him know.

Discussion was held on various problems facing humankind at the present time – none solved by end of meeting

Meeting adjourned at 8:49 pm

Next meeting May 28 via Zooooooooooom