On Tuesday, May 3, 2022 at 2:25 PM John Morris <johnmorris1937@gmail.com> wrote: Meeting (Zoom) opened at 7:34 pm by President Rawlings.

Attendance: Doug Rawlings, Larry Gilbert, Dan Ellis, Don Kimball, John Morris, Sally Chappell, Richard Clement, Peter Morgan, Suzanne Hedrick, Tom Whitney, Martha Spiess, Dave Larsen, Eric Herter

Secretary’s report for March accepted as written.

Treasurer’s report: $5993.35 in checking, $4632.55 in savings as of 4/28/22.

Peter reported on the Golden Rule schedule and on Moms Demand Action. The Golden Rule is scheduled to be in Maine in June, 2023.

Please remember to wear orange for a photo at the May meeting.

Peter will post details on the Golden Rule and MDA on the listserv.

Doug reported that he has submitted an application for the Memorial Day parade in Brunswick but has not yet received a reply from the organizers.

decision was reached on a theme for the parade but members planning to march should wear black and bring VFP banners if they have them.

Doug reported that the Common Ground Fair will be held Sept. 23 -25 and that he will request that we be assigned two tables in the Social Action tent. Discussion was held on possible themes for our exhibit but nothing definite was decided.

Notices for payment of Chapter annual dues will be issued sometime in mid-May.

Doug reported that we have received the $2000 from the estate of Herb Hoffman and that the money will be used to promote Rob Shetterly’s film on Truthtellers, as Herb requested. Plans are to show the film to 200 Maine high school teachers in the fall with the hope of getting ten schools to show the film to students. We will also provide $2000 to help finance this effort and be responsible for the logistics involved in any school showings of the film if and when they should be held.

Doug reported that as a member of a Physicians for Social Responsibility working group, he attended a meeting  with Rep. Chellie Pingree on nuclear disarmament but that although she was sympathetic with the group’s aims, she made no definite commitment as far as legislative action is concerned. Larry brought to our attention the fact that the creation of PSR was largely due to Lithuanian born and graduate of Lewiston High School, Dr. Bernard Lown, physician, inventor, author, Nobel Prize winner and peace activist. The bridge connecting Lewiston and (New) Auburn was re-named the Bernard Lown Peace Bridge in 2008 in recognition of his many contributions to the country and the world throughout his career. Suzanne suggested that to mark the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki we might congregate at the bridge on August 6th or 9th to highlight both the dangers of nuclear war and the contributions of Dr. Lown to the cause of world peace. She and Larry will work together to come up with possible activities that we might consider.

Don reported on his involvement with anti-drone protests at Creech Air Force Base and other locations. In California there was a display of crosses to commemorate soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and a rally in Massachusetts against nuclear weapons. Martha suggested that Don be reimbursed for his expenses on the trip and we agreed to give him $200 for gas money.

Martha reported that there will be bus trips from Maine to Washington DC on June 18th to take part in the Poor People’s Campaign march on Washington.

Doug reported that the trial of Tarak Kauff and Ken Mayers in Dublin, Ireland is ongoing and a verdict should be reached very soon.

Peace Action Maine is sponsoring a Zoom meeting on May 1st from 4 to 5pm featuring Dr. Liz Theodaris of the Poor People’s Campaign who will address the topic of racial justice, poverty and militarism and their relationship to one another.

Eric spoke on the renewed danger of nuclear war due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and referenced a 32 page statement from Sweden on world security. He will post a synopsis of this document on the listserv.

Doug reported on a letter from our sister chapter in Russia in which they expressed support for the Russian invasion as well as some homophobic sentiments. We are definitely not in agreement with the contents of this letter.

A discussion was held on the various impacts of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Sally recommended “Borderland”, a book on the history of Ukraine. She also raised the possibility of engaging Paul Chappell for a future Zoom meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:12pm. Next meeting on May 26th.