August 31, 2017, Augusta, Maine

Richard opened meeting at 7:07

Members present: Richard Clement, David Larsen, Dud Hendrick, Pat Bessey, LeRoy Lowell, Vicki Saint Amand, Mike King, Peter Woodruff, Peter Morgan, Dan Ellis, John Morris, Robin Spencer, Doug Rawlings, Brian Clement, Suzanne Hedrick, Peggy Akers, Charlie Hedrick

Secretary’s Report – July minutes amended to read that the cost for the calendars was actually $3842.59

Treasurer’s Report – current balance is $3380.74.Decrease due mainly to calendar printing cost.

Maine Share – Richard will bring Maine Share materials to the Common Ground Fair for display and distribution.

Membership – 104 total, 68 paid up. Dan will contact non dues payers.

Education/Outreach/Media – no report.

Calendar – 500 printed, chapter has 350. Copies were distributed by Doug at the national convention and by Peggy to teachers at the Peace Conference which she attended. They will also be made available at the CGF.

Common Ground Fair – volunteers are in place. Those without passes will be reimbursed for their admission fee.

Maine Peace Walk – Oct. 13-21.Agenda will include vigils at BIW, walks and leafleting in Bath and Brunswick, and evening programs featuring discussions and music. The theme of the walk is Conversion, Community, and Climate.

National Convention – held at Palmer House in Chicago. Doug’s report as follows:

Thursday and Friday – workshops on various topics.

Saturday – business meeting, march to Vietnam Memorial, and candlelight vigil at Trump hotel. Keynote speaker was Larry Wilkerson (former chief of staff for Colin Powell)

Sunday – addresses by Phyllis Bennis and Will Griffen. Concert by Jackson Browne who also donated concert proceeds of $55,000 to VFP

Next year’s convention will be in St. Paul MN

Aegis 9 – no dates set for jury selection and trial. Trial will likely be in January.

Vietnam War documentary – chapter members have attended the three previews of the film in Damariscotta, Portland, and Bangor.

Peggy reported that military recruiting appears to be on the increase in Maine high schools.

A free film “Is Anybody Listening” will be shown at the UU church in Brunswick on Sept. 8 at 7:30 PM. The film addresses Vietnam veterans’ PTSD.

A community conversation “Sanctuary Everywhere” is being developed by Rosalie Paul in Brunswick. VFP will be a co-sponsor

VFP will also co-sponsor (in name only) a project by the American Friends Service Committee called “Peace Wave” which is based on a UN resolution to abolish nuclear weapons.

Another civil disobedience action is being planned for the next “christening” at BIW. It is not known when this will be but anyone interested should contact Karen Wainberg at karenwainberg@gmail.com

Dan reported that attendance at the Brunswick Peace Fair was down. Members staffed the VFP booth and distributed materials including about 20 calendars.

About 30 protesters, including VFP members, lined the entrance to the Brunswick Air Show on Aug. 26 to protest the Navy Blue Angels flight team and military propaganda in general. Response by the public was mixed, as usual.

Dud reported that Bruce Gagnon’s talk in Deer Isle on the US “pivot to Asia” and involvement in Korea was attended by 50 people and was well received.

Peter Morgan reported that he is a regular participant at the Women in Black vigils on Fridays in Portland and that he has also applied for a seat on the Draft Board that includes our local area.

More discussion was held on the topic of Richard’s successor(s) as chapter president. He suggested that projects such as the Peace Fair, Maine Share, and Common Ground Fair be divided among members. To be continued.

Updated copies of “Vietnam Full Disclosure” and “Americans Who Tell the Truth” calendars were distributed to those at the meeting.

Brian’s VFP tattoo was admired and envied by all. He will be required to wear Bermuda shorts at all times from now on.

Meeting adjourned at 9pm. Next meeting Sept. 28 in Portland.