August 26


Attendees – Doug Rawlings,Peter Morgan,Laura Morris,Sally Chappell,Dave Larsen,Martha Spiess,Suzanne Hedrick,Don Kimball,Peter O’Brien,John Morris,Bill Rixon.Herb Hoffman,Lisa Savage,Peggy Akers,Reality Winner,Dan Ellis

The membership was pleased and honored to welcome whistleblower Reality Winner to the meeting. She was offered and accepted honorary membership in the chapter.

Lisa Savage, founder of Maine Natural Guard, gave an overview of the upcoming demonstration and protest against the inclusion of the U S Navy precision flying circus act. the Blue Angels, in the Maine Air Show at the Brunswick Airport on September 4th.Several Maine peace and environmental groups, including VFP, are cosponsoring the event to highlight the impact that the Blue Angels have on the environment and our tax dollars.

July Secretary’s report accepted as read.

Dan was not able to provide a treasurer’s report due to a broken computer.

Don, Doug, Peggy, Herb,and Martha reported on the recent National Convention. All had favorable impressions of the sessions they attended. Videos of all workshops will be offered free on the VFP website for thirty days.

Congratulations to Peggy Akers for receiving an award at the convention for her many years of dedicated service.

Discussion was held on our participation at the Common Ground Fair.Due to the possible health risks posed by Covid 19, it was unanimously agreed not to participate and to donate the $144 booth fee to MOFGA.

The latest edition of Peace and Planet News is on line for interested readers.

Laura showed a cartoon depicting the cost of the F-35 fighter plane.Doug will investigate the possibility of printing copies of this cartoon.

Sally asked Reality Winner how she was able to secure early release from incarceration.Reality said it was because of Covid and that she is still under house arrest and is required to wear an ankle monitor.Her situation is still stressful but she has obtained employment as a researcher.

The VFP sailing ship Golden Rule is in need of help to continue her current voyage which will include stops on the east coast of the U S. Go to the web site for more information.

Dan reported that our current sound system is difficult to operate and that he has information on a simpler system.He will provide this info to us and would appreciate any input from members.

A discussion was held on the topic of the waste of money by the military.It appears that this may be true, but we don’t know for sure (or do we?)

Meeting adjourned a7 8:45pm. Next meeting (Zoom) September 30th.