Meeting opened by President Doug Rawlings at 7:06pm,

Attendance: Doug Rawlings, Dan Ellis, Don Kimball, Peggy Akers, Peter Morgan, Bella Morgan, Sally Chappell, Dud Hendrick, Martha Spiess, Richard Clement, Herb Hoffman, Bill Rixon, John Morris

Inspirational Message: Doug read a short poem (written by his granddaughter); Don remembered his Uncle Ramon; Peter recommended a video:

Treasurer’s Report: $4908.19 in checking (including $1400 from friends of Dud Hendrick), $2632.12 in savings, $7540.31 total. Our Maineshare disbursement should arrive sometime in January

Secretary’s Report: Nov. minutes accepted as read

Doug, Richard, and Martha attended the recent Maineshare meeting and were encouraged by its solid financial situation

Doug read a letter that he sent to Gerry Condon and Helen Jaccard expressing our support for the Golden Rule Project (contents in the Dec. agenda email). Dan will send them $500 to help with expenses for the project. The Golden Rule plans to be in Portland sometime in the summer of 2023

Herb talked about a project he has in mind to recruit young veterans to VFP. He will forward his ideas to Doug for our consideration.

Peggy reported that our $500 contribution to the Portland organization of former homeless citizens will be used as part of a down payment for an apartment for a currently homeless young man. Peggy and Don attended a solstice vigil for the fifty three homeless people who died in 2021 in Portland.

Doug reported that five new people (including Mike Tork from Cape Cod) have been elected to the VFP National Board and that all five will be a positive influence. He also reported that all proposed resolutions were passed and that the organizational statement of purpose was strengthened by additions addressing the issues of racism and police violence, Additionally, in the future all actions taken by the Executive Committee must be reported to the membership (which has not been the case in the past).

Doug reported that he will offer the opportunity to take the Peace Action Maine online course to his students at UMF. The course is open to everyone.

Pax Christi is sponsoring a rally for the closure of the Guantanamo Bay Prison at noon on Jan.11 in front of the Armory in Augusta. All are invited.

Doug reported that Perry O’Brien of Common Defense will speak at our Jan. meeting.

Peter reported that Peace Action New Hampshire and VFP will sponsor a Zoom meeting on Jan 12 at 7pm on the topic of Climate Crisis and Military. Contact NH Peace Action for more info.

Sally reported that drone whistleblower Daniel Hale is currently being held in a Communications Management Unit in Federal Prison. Don reported that he will attempt to have one of Hale’s lawyers, Jessalyn Radack, speak at our next meeting.

Dud reported on his meeting with Wampanoag elder Gkisedtanamoogk, who has given a Ted talk which can be seen onĀ

Don reported on Ann Wright’s involvement in protesting the leaking of fuel from US Navy storage tanks in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Sally recommended a book – The Gatherings: Reimagining Indigenous – Settler Relations by Shirley N. Hager and Mawopiyane.

Ricard reported that the Robert Shetterly documentary will be shown at the Railroad Square Cinema in Waterville on Jan 15 and 16. Rob will give a talk at 10am on the 15th.

Peggy reported that there will be a gathering at Monument Square in Portland on Jan 6 to remember the attack on the Capitol last year in Washington. Details later.

Don reported on Bruce Gagnon’s illness. Doug will contact Mary Beth Sullivan to see what support we might offer

Meeting adjourned at 8:16pm. Next meeting on January 27 (Zoom)