After being trucked to Minneapolis in 2022 the Golden Rule (a 39 foot, two masted, wooden ketch) is currently following a “Great Loop” route, in the East.  It has navigated rivers to the Gulf of Mexico, Key West, Cuba and is sailing the Atlantic Ocean coast toward Maine.

The Veterans For Peace project has been visiting ports along the way to share information on the proliferation and impact of nuclear implementation and the need for an emphasis on diplomacy for peaceful resolution of conflicts.

We look forward to her arrival in Portland on Sunday, June 25th, 2023.  We are planning events to welcome the ship and highlight environmental issues during the following week.

  • Saturday – prearrival celebration at Monument Square and Portland Media Center
  • Sunday – arrival at DiMillo’s marina
  • Monday – public interaction and banquet at DiMillo’s restaurant
  • Tuesday – public interaction and activities in the Portland area
  • Thursday – public interaction and activities in Bath, Maine

Following the Maine visit the boat and crew will continue the voyage up the Hudson River to the Great Lakes and return to the Gulf before it heads to its California home port.  ( Donations to support the Golden Rule are appreciated. )

See the current location of the Golden Rule –


Golden Rule (39 foot, two masted, wooden ketch)

Launched in the Pacific Ocean in 1958.  A crew of Quaker associates sailed toward the Marshall Islands with the intent to prevent atmospheric nuclear weapons testing.  The US Coast Guard stopped the vessel in Honolulu, arresting her skipper, Albert Bigelow, who had served as an officer in the United States Navy.

 The boat went through several ownership transfers, became a derelict and had sunk twice in the years since.  Veterans For Peace, more recently, salvaged and restored the vessel to its current seaworthy condition.  The Golden Rule’s home port is in California.

Golden Rule - Brochure 2021-10

See the current location of the Golden Rule –


Great Activity in Portland, Maine

Great Gathering on Monday Evening at DeMillo’s

Video from DeMillo’s