Veterans for Peace
Tom Sturtevant Chapter 1
January 29, 2015
UMA Holocaust Cernter
Augusta, Maine

Present: Clarence Smith, Dovey Balsam, Richard Clement, Bruce Gagnon, Dan Ellis, Bud Buzzell, Gerry Kamke, Regis Tremblay, Robin Spencer

Inspiration: Gerry played another one of his poems that has been turned into song….”gotta lot of war out there”. Regis is using some of Gerry’s songs, performed by Matt Kresge, in his upcoming series of video interviews with VFP members. It was agreed to send Matt a letter from the chapter thanking him for his music along with a $200 donation from the chapter.

Secretary Report: Minutes from last meeting accepted and are on the web site

Treasurer Report: We now have $5,841.35 in our bank account. The MaineShare check worth $3,029,94 has arrived and will be deposited after the meeting.

Membership: Now have 139 members, 100 are currently paid-up with dues.

MaineShare: On Feb 19 our yearly report is due and Richard is on the case.

Education/Media Committee: Regis reported that Ghosts of Jeju just had 30 screenings across South Korea. He showed the chapter his seven minute trailer about Brian Willson. He continues to do interviews with VFP members for his “Warrior for Peace” series. Regis hopes the national office will get involved in the project by promoting the videos and splitting sales revenues 50/50. He hopes the videos will impact the public on an emotional level.

Portland Meetings: Smitty reported that our next meeting will be in Portland at the USM Abramson Bldg, Room 215. Free parking in the garage and no cost for the Feb 26 meeting site.

Social Justice Portland: Doug is working on this, no other info available yet.

Blue Angels Airshow: Richard reminded us that the Navy’s Blue Angels will return to Brunswick for an air show on September 5-6. We will discuss protest plans at future meetings.

Peace at Home, Peace Abroad Response: Chapter member Bill Leonard sent us a letter thanking the chapter for sending our letter of support for the campaign to the national office.

Voices from Jeju Island: Two leaders from the Jeju Island, South Korea No Navy base campaign will come to Bath to speak on Friday, March 20. The event will be held at the Grace Episcopal Church (1100 Washington St) at 7:00 pm. The chapter will co-sponsor and voted to give $200 toward travel costs to bring them from Boston to Maine and then fly them to NYC.

March 21 Protest BIW: National peace groups have called for a National Mobilization for Peace on Saturday, March 21. The annual Lenten series of vigils on Saturdays outside Bath Iron Works will become the Maine site for the national mobilization for peace. Will take place from 11:30am-12:30pm in front of the General Dynamics BIW administration building on Washington St.

Letter from Sen. King: Richard reported on a response he got to a letter he wrote to Sen. King about torture. He was so upset by King’s response that he wrote him back a second time. In his letter King said in part: “I strongly condemn the use of torture… At this point, I am not calling for the prosecution of those involved in the program, rather I am hopeful that this recognition and acknowledgement will ensure that these unacceptable actions are never repeated again.”

Letter from George H. Bush: Smitty reported that we got a letter from Habitat for Humanity thanking us for our donation toward their Veterans build project. He also shared a letter we got from Daddy Bush also thanking us for the donation…….

Web Site Hosting: Dan reported on difficulties he’s been having with our web site hosting company called Gearhost. The site recently went down. Dan had to move our files to a new server. He spent three 10-hour days working to get the web site back in shape. Let Dan know if you come across any pages on our web site that don’t properly display. We thanked Dan for his extra-ordinary efforts.

Next Peace Walk Planning Meeting: Another peace walk thru Maine will be held next October (likely Ellsworth to Kittery) and is tentatively entitled Walk to Stop the Militarization of the Seas. A planning meeting will be held at Addams-Melman House on Saturday, March 21 (after the BIW protest) starting with a pot luck lunch at 1:00. Address is 212 Centre St in Bath. All are welcome.

We DO Have the Power: VFP is co-sponsoring Larry Dansinger’s event at UMAugusta on February 14.

Next Meeting: Will meet on February 26 at USM’s Abromson Center in Portland.