Meeting opened by Doug at 7PM

Attendees: Robin Spencer, Dan Ellis, Tom Whitney, Brian Leonard, Eric Herter, Ian Collins, Peter Morgan, Nate Russell, Don Kimball, Martha Morrison, Richard Clement, Rita Clement, Peggy Akers, Doug Rawlings, John Morris

December meeting minutes accepted as written

Treasurer’s report: balance as of 1/31/2019 was $3,672.94.

Membership report: 110 total, 51 paid up.

Richard reported that he received a check for $3,337.36 from MAINESHARE (not included in January balance). This is a semi-annual distribution covering the period June-Dec. 2018. Chapter dues to MAINESHARE for 2019 are $584.16

Doug reported that he received a letter and a check for $250 from VFP member Penny Morris of Denmark and also a $50 check from the Network for Good in Washington DC.

Richard reminded us that members of our Board of Directors may each serve two consecutive three year terms. Peggy Akers’ second term will end in 2021, Robin Spencer’s first term in 2020, and Clarence Smith’s in 2019.

Richard also reported that he purchased five copies of the book “Parkland Speaks” (written by student survivors of the Parkland, Florida high school mass murder in Feb.2018). He suggested that these be offered to legislators and/or school libraries as gifts from VFP. It was agreed to do this and also to reimburse Richard $71 for the cost of the books.

Discussion was held re the Spring Celebration to be held at the UU Church in Brunswick on March 23rd. Martha and Doug agreed to edit and revise the flyer for the event. All members are encouraged to, if possible, find musicians and others who would be interested in attending. Catholic Charities Refugee and Immigration Services has offered their assistance.

Doug reported that yellow VFP vests are available for $25. They are bright, high quality, all weather vests that can’t be missed in a crowd. Let Doug know if you would like one.

Doug distributed copies of the latest edition of PEACE IN OUR TIMES. The paper will continue to be written and printed in its current format.

Motion made, seconded, and passed unanimously to continue a $1000 annual stipend to Dan Ellis for maintaining the chapter website, listserv, and membership data system. THANK YOU DAN!

Ditto to give $500 to Tarak Kauff and Ellen Davidson for their support of asylum seekers and deported veterans.THANK YOU TARAK AND ELLEN!

Ditto to give $200 to the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space. THANK YOU BRUCE!

Eric and Brian showed the new trailer for their film about Vietnam. It will also be available for viewing through the listserv. The chapter has provided them with $1000 for their upcoming trip to Vietnam to gather more material for the film.

Doug reported on VFP plans to make 2019 the year to recognize GI resistance to the Vietnam War by publishing a collection of films (Sir! No,Sir!), documents and statements from veteran resistors on the FULL DISCLOSURE website and also using them at events and ceremonies at various locations during the year.

Peter Morgan introduced Nate Russell, a Navy veteran who is a student at Southern Maine Community College and the president of the Veterans’ Club at the school.

Meeting adjourned at 9PM

Next meeting at USM Portland on Feb. 28th.