VFP Maine Chapter 001

Minutes – January 2, 2019

Brunswick, Maine

Attendance – Dan Ellis, Richard Clement, John Morris, Martha Morrison, Bill Leonard, Peter Morgan, Don Kimball, Ed Jurenas, Bud Buzzell, Peggy Akers, Robin Spencer, Doug Rawlings, Eric Herter, Associate Member John Flagler

Meeting opened at 7:03 by President Doug

Treasurer report-balance of $1,085.14 as of 12/31/19

Membership report-103 members as of 12/31/19

Richard reported that the next Maineshare distribution will be made soon

John Flagler circulated two petitions calling for the conviction of President Trump. These petitions will be delivered to Senators King and Collins

Doug expressed his desire to step down as Chapter President and asked those present to consider the naming of a successor

ase of access for donations, paying dues, and information for potential new members.All members are encouraged to peruse the site and suggest changes and improvements.The cost for the new site is $1000 and yearly maintenance will cost $400.

Don reported on congressional bill HR 4890, a bill to prevent the deportation of military veterans who are not US citizens.

Discussion was held on the proper use of the Chapter Facebook page. It was pointed out that Bruce Gagnon’s postings of Lisa Savage for Senate  campaign information should not be allowed since we are not allowed to endorse anyone running for political office. Doug will inform Bruce of the necessity of removing these items from the site.

Peter Morgan reported the following events:/div>

     11/19-“This Issue w/ Bruce Gagnon-Kathleen McFadden-Moms Demand Action
     12/4-Sandy Hook remembrance-Brunswick
     12/6-Sandy Hook remembrance-Portland
     1/4-antiwar demonstration-Portland
     12/6-climate demonstration-Brunswick

     2/13-hearing for BIW protestors-West Bath (courthouse)

Dan reported that the membership list needs to be updated.Doug,Don and Peggy will coordinate with Dan on this matter.

Peggy will collect photos for addition to the archives on the website.

Discussion was held on having a single date for the paying of dues. Richard will investigate this (possibly March 1st).The website should also contain a link to the National website for payment of dues to the National.

Discussion was held on activities we should engage in going forward. Perennial events include the Common Ground Fair, Armistice Day presence in Portland, and Memorial Day locally and in Washington DC. Possible new activities, with emphasis on the recruitment of new members, especially younger veterans, might include the sponsorship of films and book clubs. Contacts with organizations such as the Sunrise Movement and The veterans group at USM could help to bring in new members. Doug,Eric and Peter Morgan will explore these and other new initiatives.

Discussion was held on the advisability of holding another welcoming dinner for new Mainers. Martha, who was instrumental in the success of the dinner held in Brunswick last spring, felt it would not be advantageous to hold another dinner.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM. Next meeting in Augusta on February 6,2020.