Meeting called to order (Zoom) at 7:02 pm

Attendance: Doug Rawlings, John Morris, Peter Woodruff, Dan Ellis, Peter Morgan, Dave Larsen, Don Kimball, Dud Hendrick, Eric Herter, Martha Spiess, Ed Jurenas, Sally Chappell, Herb Hoffman, Kristina, William Higgins (Maine Veterans Services)

Inspirational Messages: Dan Ellis read Bruce Gagnon’s message informing us of the death of Stan Lofchie.Stan is featured on Eric Herter’s video of the memorial service for Stan’s wife which can be found on Youtube

Doug played a video of the song “I want To See The World United” which featured musicians from many countries.

A $600 donation was made to the Vietnam typhoon relief fund ($400 from the chapter + $200 from Penny Morris)

Treasurer’s Report: total as of 11/30/20: $4807.86

Peggy Akers sent a note suggesting we send flowers to various people as an antidote to the feelings of isolation during the pandemic. Agreement was unanimous for Peggy to send them at her discretion. Much thanks to Peggy for her concern for those who might need a little cheer during these dark days.

Peter Morgan reported on Reality Winner’s current situation (still in prison)and that individuals might want to send her birthday greetings. Don Kimball mentioned the strict requirements regarding mail that she is entitled to receive and that this info can be accessed on the net at

Sally mentioned the plight of Lisa Montgomery who is scheduled to be the first female to be executed in a Federal prison in seventy years. Montgomery is severely mentally ill and has been a lifelong victim of sexual abuse. Resources on her behalf can be found on various web sites.

Bill Higgins (Maine Veterans Services) discussed his organization’s efforts to assist needy veterans. Doug suggested a $500 donation to help with the purchase of needed items (boots, winter clothing, etc) for these vets and this was agreed to unanimously. Dan will send the money to Bill and Doug will prepare a press release to publicize the gift.

Don will interview Bill on his weekly Friendly Fire show on WMPG (Wed.,Dec. 9 at 1 pm). WMPG is also hosting a marathon for homeless persons during the week of Dec. 6.

Doug reported on our Armistice Day action at Monument Square in Portland.

it was the same as in previous years except for the fact that there was no parade.

Doug reported that the next issue of Peace and Planet News will probably be the last one until the pandemic is over.

Peter Morgan reported that the annual advent peace vigils are being held at

Bath Iron Works in Bath each Saturday from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm from now until Christmas.(Dec.5,12,and 19) All are invited to take part.

Open discussion was held on various topics of interest including Rob Shetterly’s project of portraits of peace and justice activists “Americans Who Tell the Truth” which has been made, in collaboration with our chapter and especially Dan Ellis, into 18 month calendars (distributed to school teachers free of charge). Dan indicated that there may be a new calendar in the offing, although nothing is definite at this time. Dud mentioned that a movie about Rob is currently being made.

Martha Spiess reported on a Zoom meeting that she took part in about the Arctic and its impact on climate change. She will try to secure the presenter at that meeting to speak at our next chapter meeting.

Next meeting will be Thursday, Jan.7 at 7pm via Zoom.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm.