Veterans for Peace
Tom Sturtevant Chapter 1
July 26, 2012
McClellan Building
Brunswick, Maine

Present: Stan Lofchie, Regis Tremblay, Victor Skorapa, Tim Blanchette, Bob Dale, Dud Hendrick, Suzanne Hedrick, Dave Crowley, Herb Hoffman, Clarence Smith, Dan Ellis, Dovey Balsam, Peter Woodruff, Richard and Rita Clement

Smitty read inspirational words provided by Peggy about her work with young at ‘Seeds of Peace’.

Regis Tremblay was introduced by Dud and welcomed by all members. Regis may join VFP as Associate Member. One of Regis’ 3 children is currently serving in the military and is stationed in Afghanistan.

Secretary’s report: Minutes from last meeting were approved as presented.

Treasurer’s report: Approved as presented by Dovey.
Smitty recognized Kristina Wolff’s considerable contribution as treasurer from 2009 – 2012.

Maine Share report: Presented by Richard. Nothing new at the moment.
VFP Hike & Bike scheduled for Oct 20th.

Nominating Committee: Dud reports, meeting on July 19th at Richard’s house. Present were Dud, Bob L., Bruce, Herb, Doug, Dan and Richard. Committee nominates Richard for president. Universal recognition that the chapter will support Richard in his new position. Richard is asking to ‘slide’ into the position with help from current president.
Motion made by Dud / seconded by Herb / all in favor, motion passes.
Dud turned in receipt for meal had by committee to Dovey.
Motion to pay Dud by Smitty / seconded by Dan / all in favor, motion passes.

Dud reports: search for chapter by-laws continues . Need to answer questions, such as ‘How many people need to be on the Board of Directors? What is their role? How often do they meet? Can officers be on the board?’.

Dud shared from Bruce: Our monthly mtgs. Have become solely business mtgs. They are too long. Details of committee work should not be discussed during full mtgs. Overall report should be given. Monthly mtgs. Should be educational instead; including discussions on particular topics, videos or films. This would be more inviting to new members. All committees should also keep recruitment in mind; we need new, active members.

Membership: Chapter has 154 members with 95 currently paid up with dues.
Member break-down: 10 Honorary, 26 Associate, 108 Regular, 1 Life, 9 Donors.
Report was presented by Dan. A motion to accept was made by Richard and seconded by Dovey. All in favor, motion passes.

Herb commented in regards to Regis’ wish to reach out to returning vets through his film making. All of Regis’ work is available on YouTube. Regis invited VFP (media committee) to join him in making a film to speak directly to vets, inviting them to join VFP.

Education Committee: Richard reported that the button maker will be used for the August 4th Peace Fair in Brunswick. Labels for the back of the buttons, identifying VFP, have been purchased. Rita will create a banner saying “Make a Button for Peace” to invite people to make peace themed buttons.
Motion to accept made by Dud, seconded by Herb. All in favor, motion passes.

Media Committee: Dud reports committee is serious about advertising monthly meetings, however, Bob was not able to do for this meeting.

Herb sent a letter in regards to Bradley Manning to Portland Paper. He received email that letter was received by the paper. Herb not sure whether it was published.

Richard states, that Kathy Kelly will be in Maine in August and has open dates for engagements. Possible TV interview with Regis? Media committee (Dud) to follow up, connecting with Kathy Kelly. Richard provided e-mail with info.

Suzanne reported that Medea Benjamin was in Maine earlier this month.

Motion to accept media com. report was made by Dave, seconded by Dovey. All in favor, motion passes.

Outreach Committee: No report available.

Peace Fair: Dan, Richard, Stan, Bob D., Bob L., Peter and Rita will be volunteering.

PTSD/Tri-County Mental Health: Details involving VFP’s participation being planned by Dovey and Doug.

Welcome Home Project: Film is sponsored by VFP and others. Will be shown on August 2nd, at 7 pm at the Frontier Café in Brunswick. Smitty and Dan shared some discussion concerning need for license for public showing. No admission is charged, should be no need for license.

Common Ground Fair: Discussion about table sizes. Reminder to members that volunteers will be needed. There is no VFP mtg. before the fair. A volunteer sign-up will be sent out in early September. Members need to commit to a time to volunteer during this three-day event. A memorial tree planting for Tom will take place on Saturday during the fair.

Bike-A-Thon: Discussion about combining the Bike-A-Thon with a Tree Planting and Potluck for Tom in Winthrop.
A motion to have the tree planting, plaque and potluck on a separate day from the Bike-A-Thon, was made by Herb, seconded by Dud. All in favor, motion passes.

Bike-A-Thon: will be held on October 20th.
Place – Rail Trail (Augusta/Hallowell/Gardiner).
Participation not limited to VFP members.
Pledge forms can be printed out using Maine Share site, as well as using virtual sign up form that can be created individual or one for the event. Peggy to chair committee (incl. Richard, Rita, Bob L., Tim, Dud and Nicole).

Tree planting, plaque and potluck: Suzanne currently attending Winthrop People for Peace meetings. She will let VFP know date, so we can be part of this event.
Winthrop People for Peace: tree planting
VFP: plaque
Potluck: all involved
Smitty will contact Peggy to be the point person to coordinate with Mary Sturtevant and Winthrop People for Peace.

Thunderbirds Protest: Saturday, August 25th
Bob Dale visited Brunswick police to inform of this action
Dan shared flyer: to meet at the Joshua Chamberlain statue at 9 am and walk to base.
Bruce and media committee to publicize this event.

Renewal of CTN membership: Motion was made by Herb to renew membership, giving Smitty okay to do so up to $250.00. Motion was seconded by Tim. All in favor, motion passes.

Sponsorship of public forum for candidates for national offices:
Herb shares thoughts on forum developed by Bruce and Herb.
Topic for forum: foreign policy
To be invited: presidential candidates, as well as candidates from Maine for congress and senate
Object of forum: education, sponsored by VFP
Herb explained format and steps forward
Motion was made by Herb for VFP to sponsor a candidate’s night on foreign policy hosting candidates for president, senate and congress with a budget of $1000.00
Motion was seconded by Dud. All in favor, motion passes.

Volunteers of America: Smitty presented information on this program that is helping homeless vets to obtain housing. He expressed hope for VFP to become part of this program. He will gather more information and present in the future.

Next meeting will be in Augusta on September 27th at 7 pm. Location to be determined.

Minutes by Rita Clement (Volunteer Secretary)