VP Maine Chapter 001

Minutes – July 30, 2020 -Virtual Meeting

This was virtual zoom meeting hosted by Doug Rawlings, president

Attendance: Doug Rawlings, Peter Morgan, Dan Ellis, Martha Spiess, Brown Lethem, John Morris, Suzanne Hedrick, Sally Chappell, John Chappell, Peter Woodruff, Kristina Wolff,Herb Hoffman, Peggy Akers, Martha Morrison

Inspirational message by Suzanne; a reminder of John Lewis’s call for people to get into “good trouble”.

June Secretary’s report (by Peggy) accepted as written.

Treasurer’s report (Dan) – $1769.82 in checking, $4629.07 in savings, $6398.89 total.

Report on National Convention (on line) by Doug: the chapter will pay the $100 registration fee for up to ten members: three have already signed up, there is room for seven more. Contact Doug if interested.Dates are August 2 – 9.The keynote address will be given by Dahr Jamail,one of the few unembedded journalists to cover the Iraq War. Numerous workshops will be available to participants and Doug Rawlings will host a poetry reading on Aug.9. A separate sign up (no charge) is necessary for the business meeting on Aug.8. An item of particular interest will be an attempt to reinstate Tarak Kauff, who was expelled by the Board of Directors for alleged misconduct (not true – witch hunt). A letter in support of Tarak and in favor of censuring the Board for their action against him has been signed by seventy three members and will be introduced at the meeting.Stay tuned! Participation in the business meeting is contingent on being a paid up member of VFP National.

Peace and Planet News – contact Doug for copies of the latest issue which is a special edition featuring Black Lives Matter.

Martha M. expressed concern over being too generous with our contributions to other organizations and with our financial position in general, especially with an expected reduced allocation from Maine Share.Dan reported that the sound system which was purchased in 2018 has not been used. He suggested that we sell it and purchase two bull horns at a cost of $60 each. After discussion it was decided to keep the system that we have and to purchase the bull horns.A motion was made,seconded,and passed to this effect.

Discussion was held on the best way to coordinate actions,such as protests,by chapter members. Kristina suggested sending an email to all members requesting their contact information if they wish to be part of such actions.

Peter (not J.P.) Morgan suggested making a donation to the Relief Fund for the BIW workers who are currently on strike.A motion was made,seconded,and passed to donate $300 to the fund as a good will gesture.

Peter (the same one) reported that he received a note of thanks and appreciation from Moms Demand Action for our $500 contribution.

Dan reported that he has two copies of each of two books,”Journey for Peace” and “On the Road” written by Bob Dale for sale motion was made,seconded,and passed to make the recently deceased Congressman John Lewis an honorary member of the Maine chapter of VFP.

A formal certificate and a membership card will be sent to his family.<

Peggy requested that anyone interested in attending a remembrance of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at Monument Square in Portland on Saturday,August 8th email her for details.

Robin Spencer is feeling isolated and lonely because of the Covid pandemic and would appreciate hearing from anyone who is so inclined.

Peter (again) reported that Don Kimball is currently in Arizona but that his Wednesday afternoon program on WMPG is still being aired each week.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm. Next meeting on Aug. 27th at 7pm via Zoom..