Veterans for Peace
William Ladd Chapter 1
Minutes from Business Meeting
June 24, 2010
Belfast Public Library, Belfast, Maine

PRESENT: Richard Clement, Rita Clement, Dan Ellis, Herb Hoffman, Dud Hendrick, Bob Lezer, Tom Sturtevant, Michael Uhl, Kristina Wolff, Richard Cate (Chapter 3), and guests Dovey Balsam, and Nicole Moreau.

The group sent warm healing thoughts to our dear friend Peggy Aker’s.

There was a moment of silence in memory of Michael Uhl’s sister Maggie who would have been 51 years old today.

Minutes: One correction of May minutes. The meeting was State not National. Move to approve, Kristina, 2nd. Michael. Approved.

Treasurers report:

Herb moved to approve. 2nd by Tom. Passed

MainShare: Tom asked that we continue to help recruit organizations for MaineShare. Tom reminds us that we get points from Maine Share for displaying their sign at events. Please let him know about these events and how many hours they lasted. Most points are earned at the common Ground Fair.

Board of Directors: Dud asked about the progress filling Board seats. Tom Sturtevant, Chair of the Nominating Committee reported that we need to replace Art Whitman and Stan Lofchie. Suggestions of possible candidates were Bruce Gagnon and Clarence Smith. Herb Hoffman joined the nominating committee.

The committee will make contacts and report.

Membership: Dan reports that we have 176 members (142 are veterans, 29 non veterans and 5 are honorary). 106 are paid up.

9/11 Truth Conference:
Dud introduces Richard Cote, a member of Chapter 3, who is requesting that Chapter 1 support the 9/11 Truth Conference occurring this July in New York.

Dud notes that the National VFP has passed a resolution supporting an independent commission study and report of the events of 9/11. In 2009 National passed a resolution supporting an independent commission to investigate the 9/11 issue.

Richard passed out some DVD’s from Richard Gage, a conservative, David Ray Griffen, a California theologian. Over 1,00 architects and engineers say that 9/11 was a controlled demolition. Richard recommended the G Global outlook books 11th, 12th and 13th editions. He noted that there is a split in the 9/11 movement. Also a good read is JFK and the Unspeakable.

There was general discussion surrounding the events of 9/11.

Herb spoke about the 9/11 Truth Movement and that there are many unanswered questions about 9/11 including the Pentagon incident. Clearly it is proper to ask for another investigation.

Bob reports that Stan Lofchie asked him to lend his support to a further inquiry into 9/11.

Dud is looking for the Chapter to support a resolution to support further inquiry into the 9/11 incident.

Michael feels this is a free speech issue, Herb feels that if simply a free speech issue it undermines the subsequent inquiry.

Michael supports an open forum. Would not vote for support for a specific individual.

Dud says that Kirschners 9/11 Truth Commission work is based on Phillips work with project censor.

Dan states he is not an expert on 9/11 but has followed the issue over the years and is outraged over the poor quality of the investigation. He feels their needs to be a through investigation. He does not know of this individual. Would rather not have the Chapters name on it.

Tom says call for a commission to call for a commission.

Dud notes that we may be considered loonies for making a statement on 9/11.

Herb moves that Chapter 1 endorse the presentation at the conference calling for a new 9/11 investigation.

Dud notes that other organizations, Boston Truth and Justice and the Smedley Butler Brigade, have voted on this.

Herb says that the Smedley Butler Brigade voted on this and that they voted against 13-6.

Kristina will not support this but would support a workshop. She wonders how, when and where will this reflect on VFP. Not comfortable with project Censor.

Michael is leaning towards tabling to allow time to speak with Smedley Butler and to have a larger amount of our membership present for a vote on this. He is concerned about the use of 9/11 to justify other actions and would support if this opened up information not known and made clearer. It is an emotional issue.

Discussion does not move people. He is curious about the feelings of the Smedley Butler Brigade.

Herb says that the Smedley Butler Brigade is split on this issue.

Herb withdraws his motion. He proposes a new resolution. Calling for a new investigation in line with the National 2009 resolution.

Michael supports the National resolution.

Herb supports the workshop on re-examining 9/11.

New Resolution by Herb: ‘Chapter 1 endorses a workshop at the Anti War conference in Albany, N.Y., July of 2010, addressing unanswered questions around 9/11 and calls for a new investigation in concert with the National VFP 2009 resolution’. Seconded by Kristina.

Michael supports National’s 2009 resolution.

Herb says this is a re-endorsing of the National resolution.

Tom feels that it is arrogant to ask that someone from the outside to ask for a resolution and to add a workshop. This seems tardy to me.

Kristina says this is a largely symbolic issue do we endorse it or not. Let’s move on this.

Michael calls the question. The vote is 7 in favor and 2 opposed. Resolution passes.

Voices for Peace:
Dud reported that the fine concert was not well attended, with just 60 people, despite of lots of hard work by many.

We made $642.50 at the door with $90 in sales .

Kristina notes that Rob and Nancy Bowker did a gig at U. Maine Farmington.


Dan says he is in discussion with Marty from Voices for Peace about that groups participation in the conference perhaps at the business meeting on Saturday. Dud wonders if we can split the meeting with entertainment.

Michael likes idea and will bring to the National convention planning committee .

Herb asks if we can advertise the singers at the business meeting. Perhaps to open the 2nd half. Dan will send a note to Marty about appearing for a two songs and a time of 10 minutes.

Nancy Bowker will appear at the convention.

Community Television Network:
Bob and Peggy recorded an announcement about the “Voices for Peace” concert and the National convention.

Dud reports that on July14 CTN will have a live audience present to view segments of Howard Zinn’s “The People Speak” followed by panel discussion about speaking out. Rob Shetterly, Charlie Clement, Herb Hoffman and others will be on a panel.

Offsite Housing:
Tim has been lining up housing for convention goers in the community. About 15 spaces within a 10-20 minute driving time. Some have transportation as part of the housing. Herb wonders about the # of commercial spaces available?

We need to get the information about alternative housing out.

Limited to $100 grants?

Registrations: We all need to get our registrations in a soon as possible.

Tabling: To date we have just 4 reserved. A list of possible tablers was quickly put together. Herb suggests asking if national has a list of vendors from years past.

Ads: We have ad revenue of $3,800 so far. Contacts in Portland ongoing but slow response.

Transportation: The bus from hotel to Ferry and back has been confirmed. Using Casco Bay lines regular ferry service.

Lobster Bake: Using local store for bar services as is most cost effective.

Volunteers: We will need volunteers to guide people to ferry if not taking bus.

Registration packets: Tickets to events will be in the packets. Bob has reserved 300 Portland Magazine guides for the packets or available at registration.

Marketing: Michael suggests mailing the latest VFP newsletter to people as it contains the convention information. $100 is approved for postage for this project.

Herb will do a press release announcing the convention.

Banners: Tom is exploring the cost of banners for the hotel lobby. He reports that Staples will make a banner 30″ long by 36″ high from a heavy weight paper. Also can be made from photo paper or polyester.

Flatbread Fund Raiser:
3 August from 5-9 P.M. Flatbread restaurant will host VFP in fund raiser that involves Flatbreads donating apportion of the sales of all Flatbreads (pizza) to VFP. Tom has done the banner almost done. Tom displays it. Bob and tom will set up at 4:30 and be at the table we will have near the entrance. So encourage al of your friends and family to come to Flatbreads on August 3.

Michael speaks about the Agent Orange issue indicating there is an ongoing dialog between American and Vietnamese. The goal is to raise 300 million dollars over 10 years to provide victim recovery and for those affected by agent orange. A great first step. There is legislation calling for 3 Billion for Agent Orange relief. Nixon had promised Vietnam for reconstruction. Never appeared.

Michael will go out to speak on this issue once the legislation is written.

Michael asks Dan how much money has been committed to entertainers. Dan says enough to cover travel and a small stipend but is on a case by case basis and does not have the exact amount with him.

Herb states that Dan should be reimbursed for all the time, effort and responsibility of putting together the Convention program. Michael agrees and that the Chapter should be responsible for this.

Dan says that the Calendar is yet to go to print. The paper quality may be increased, samples of which Dud, Doug and Rob saw at the Voices For Peace concert, which would raise the cost to $4,934 for the first printing run. All agreed to go with the higher paper quality and increased cost.

The group agreed to send $25.00 to Selma Sternlieb to support a July 31 event.

Next meeting July 22nd at 7:00 P.M. at the Holiday Inn By The Bay.

Respectfully submitted as a draft 7/12/10