Veterans for Peace
Tom Sturtevant Chapter 1
June 27, 2014
Addams-Melman House
Bath, Maine

Present: Richard Clement (President), Rita Clement, Mary Beth Sullivan, Robin Spencer, Regis Tremblay, Dan Ellis, Lynn Ellis, Eric Herter, Doug Rawlings, Dud Hendrick

Secretary’s Report: Accepted as posted.

Treasurer Report: Accepted as submitted.

MaineShare: Richard reported on the 25th anniversary celebration held at Bowdoin on June 17th. A well–attended event and good music. Rich, Rita, Dan and Bob Dale attended.

Membership: Dan reported that the numbers remain unchanged from last month; 125 members, 91 currently paid-up.

Education/Outreach/Media: Regis reported on the remarkable reception his “Ghosts of Jeju” continues to receive. Recently it was screened in Amsterdam and Regis was “skyped” into the event for conversation with the audience. He has received an offer to have it translated into French. The Korean translation is done and it will also be translated into Japanese. During his upcoming trip to Korea it will be screened in two large cities on Jeju and, hopefully, in 23 cities on the mainland. Regis has begun work on his next film, the subject of which is the effects of militarism in the Pacific. In two weeks he has raised $3000 towards this next project. He expressed his gratitude to VFP and the chapter, in particular, for their support. The Australian film-maker, John Pilger, has been in touch with Regis and has asked that he consult on an upcoming project. Regis will take along a VFP flag to display at events in Korea.

Brunswick Peace Fair: Rich and Rita reported that they will be unable to staff a VFP table this year as it conflicts with their trip to the national VFP convention. It is hoped that other members may be able to staff a table and Rich will send out a request for chapter support to our chapter list-serve.

World Beyond War Billboards: Doug reported on David Swanson’s project and call for funding of a billboard campaign calling for an abolition of war. Dan moved we contribute $200 to the campaign. Dud seconded. Approved. Doug will contact Swanson.

Reimburse Scott Camil: Doug reported that VFP member Scott Camil (Florida) had posted $2200 to bail fellow-VFP member Mike Clift from a Florida jail. Mike had been hiking/biking across country in support of the veteran homeless issue and was arrested and jailed on very trumped-up charges. National has called for member support to reimburse Scott. Dud moved, Doug seconded that the chapter contribute $200. Approved. Doug will contact Dovey.

Pastors for Peace: Members were encouraged to attend the Maine Send-off of the 25th Pastor for Peace Caravan at the UU Church in Brunswick on July 8th. A special tribute to Stan and Loukie Lofchie will be a highlight of the evening.

VA Demonstration: Dud reported that after receiving approval from Richard he had ordered and received the banner for use in a proposed demonstration. The banner reads: “In war there are no unwounded soldiers. Bring our troops home now. Take care of them when they get here.” The proposal is that the chapter will organize a demonstration to convey that the much-publicized problems within the VA, are, in large part, due to the overload caused by never-ending wars. Doug and Dud agreed they would confer to develop a proposal to present to the chapter—where and when. Rich will contact Dovey to reimburse Dud for banner ($68)

Lily Yeh Presentation: Dud reported that Lily Yeh, the artist who led the delegation (which included Dud and Rob Shetterly) to Palestine in April, will speak in Blue Hill on July 24th. He proposed the chapter support this event as well as a presentation in Brunswick on July 25th. Doug moved and Regis seconded that the chapter contribute $500 to Lily’s “Barefoot Artists” organization which works with communities around the globe using the arts to bring healing, self-empowerment and social change. Approved.

Next Meeting: There will be no July meeting. Next meeting will be August 28th at a place and time to be determined.

Dud Hendrick
Secretary Suppono Subpono