June 29,2017

Minutes from meeting VFP Chapter 001

Please please forgive the errors and this is NOT my forte

Present: Richard Clement, Dan Ellis, Peter Morgan Jr., Clarence Smith, Don Kimball, Rita Clement, Peter Woodruff, Regis Tremblay, Marth Morrison, Peggy Akers


Today our inspiration was Dan Ellis who had a birthday..a round special one…and we sang and wished him many more years of inspiration to all of us.

We sent our best wishes to Bud who was not able to attend due to illness and to Gerry Kamke who recently moved to Wisconsin.

Secretary’s report : accepted with no changes

Treasures report: we have 1,338.25 in our checking and 5,565.84 in savings. 100 dollar was sent to calendar project. 1,965.59 was received from Maineshare. We are so grateful for their continued support as it is vital to all that we do.

Membership: we have 103 members (11 honorary, 79 regular, 1 life and 12 donors. 63 currently paid up members

Education and outreach: Regis has been in 25 cities with his newest film (Thirty Seconds to Midnight). The film was received well everywhere. Regis expressed his thanks to VFP for their support throughout this endeavor. Movie has been see 31,000 times on line. it is being translated into Russian. He has been asked to make a movie about the immigration issue.

Calendar project is going well. Still no word from Zinn Foundation. DOUG will fill us in at next meeting.

Peace Fair in Brunswick August 5th 10-3. NEED VOLUNTEERS to help with button maker. Contact Richard with any questions and your desire to volunteer.

Common Ground Fair is September 9-11 and we will only have one table. We will need volunteers. We will sell Rob Shetterly cards and we discussed getting a card holder to display the cards in a more vertical fashion to save space and to honor the beauty of the art… contact Richard to volunteer please….

Maine military and community network July 20th in Augusta. Peggy is on Vietnam veteran panel..

Gay pride in Waterville…button maker was loaned by VFP and very successful

Convention in August 9-13…..theme is Education not Militarization. We will put add in that says. “When will we ever learn..”Pete Seeger

Doug and Regis will attend and Regis will screen his movie. Voted to give 500 dollars to both Regis and DOUG representing all of us…

Recruiters in high school.. there was a short discussion about this and we will continue the discussion at next meeting.

Gerry Kamke will be moving to Wisconsin

We need new board members

Old Halloween Day Parade July 15th

ALMOST SUNRISE. ….A movie about veterans and the wounds of war will be presented at Portland Public Library August 31 at 630.

Richard Harkness is walking with other veterans across the country.

Veterans are paddling from Eastport to Key West for national support to prevent and bring attention to Veterans suicides.

Maine Public is looking for veterans’ stories…go online to submit.

Veteran panels in Damariscotta, Portland and Bangor. Go online to order free tickets and to pick a date to attend.

Volunteers needed for veterans show on WMPG. Talk to Don Kimball if you are interested.

Don requested that we bring used good clothing to next meeting for donation to homeless veterans. He will distribute.

Submitted very late by Peggy Akers