VFP meeting, June 28, Portland

Meeting opened by Doug at 7PM

Attendance: Dan Ellis, Peter Morgan, Regis Tremblay, Peter Woodruff, John Morris, John Herrick, Bill Laidley, Doug Rawlings, Martha Morrison, Seth Berner, Dave Crowley and Phil Crane (non-member).

Opening inspirational statement: “History is not dead, it’s not even past”

Unsung hero of the month award to Dan Ellis (Army retired)

May Secretary’s report accepted as written

Treasurer’s report: balance as of 6/28/18 is $4,597.44, including the semi-annual Maineshare disbursement of $2232.05

Membership report: total membership is 105, of which 63 are paid up members

Doug submitted our chapter report to VFP for the summer newsletter, listing the various activities our members have been and will be involved in. These are enumerated in the June meeting agenda.

Suzanne has been in contact with a Somali family in Lisbon and will provide more information as to our involvement at the next meeting

The My Lai traveling exhibit will be in Portland Sept.14-17. We will be hosting the exhibit and will need six or seven people to set up (on the 13th) and take down (on the 17th). Discussion was held on possible ways to augment the exhibit including a Vietnamese food buffet, Don Kimball’s WMPG radio show, slide show by John Herrick, Elders participation, Maine Public radio(Maine Calling), readings from Letters to the Wall, and the VFP Full Disclosure campaign. A list of what other chapters have done can be found in the June meeting agenda

Regis reported on his trip to Russia and that a Russian veterans group from the Komi Republic in northern Russia could be a sister chapter with our chapter. Doug will write a letter to them proposing a formal relationship

It was moved and passed unanimously to donate $100 to the Maine Youth For Peace Project (Ginny Schneider)

The Brunswick Peace Fair will be on Sat., Aug. 4th from 10AM to 3PM. Members are encouraged to attend and help to staff the table

The VFP National Convention will be in St. Paul, Minnesota from Aug. 22-26. Doug will attend and Regis also expressed interest in going. Vote was taken (unanimous) to provide $1000 to cover participants’ expenses. Dan distributed copies of our chapter ad featuring an eloquent quote on war from Thomas Herbert Russell for the convention booklet.

The Common Ground Fair will be in Unity on Sept. 21-23. Our booth this year will feature the “Ban Assault Weapons” banner, the button machine, and Rob Shetterly art items. As always, volunteers are needed to staff the booth

Meeting adjourned at 9PM. No meeting in July. Next meeting Aug. 30 in Brunswick