VFP Maine Chapter 001

Minutes – June 26, 2020 – Virtual Meeting

This was a virtual zoom meeting hosted by Doug Rawlings, President.

Members present: Doug Rawlings, Dud Hendrick, Dave Larsen, Peter Woodruff,  Peter Morgan, Dan Ellis, Herb Hoffman, Martha Morrison, Richard Clement, Peggy Akers, Eric Herter

The meeting started with some very sad news. Bob Dale passed away 2 days ago with his loving Jean Parker and family by his side. Bob will be remembered by every single person who believed in love and peace and justice. Maine Veterans For Peace will buy his books for us to enjoy. Dan will let us know when they are available. On the Road with Jean and Bob is a story of his amazing life. Jean Parker, his partner of many many years can be reached at 11 Chamberlain Ave. Brunswick, Maine 04011

The chapter received a check from Maineshare.

Veterans For Peace convention will be on line this year and it was decided that 10 members will be able to attend at 100 dollars for the registration fee. Maine Veterans For Peace will pay the fees. Please let Doug know if you are interested. Doug and Peggy expressed an interest in attending .

T-shirts from the New York Chapter supporting Black Lives Matter are available on the Full Disclosure website. Members have been attending Black Lives Matter events in Portland, Mt Vernon, Augusta, Cape Elizabeth, Deer Isle. Forgive me if I have left out any places. Moms Demand Action where Peter has been representing us so well is partnering with schools and police and other domestic violence resource organizations during this difficult time.

Doug reported that he was not able to deliver the Letters to the Wall this year but hopes to in the near future. There were about 30 new letters.

Doug has cloth masks sent to him from Veterans For Peace national. Please let him know if you would like one. You have to add the elastic however. Since our zoom meeting, masks from Mexico Chapter arrived and they are quite spiffy. Please let me know if you would like one. Have Veterans For Peace across the front. Let Peggy know at Kizzypax@maine.rr.com or call 232-7695 and I will mail one to you.

With a large balance in our treasury we discussed how we could donate to organizations we all believe in. Peter will look into how Everytown For Gun Safety would benefit from our donation. Peggy will look into Save Our VA.

Martha brought up putting some significant statements and ideas on National Public Radio and she will follow up on that. If anyone knows the best way to support Black Lives Matter financially and locally please share that information with Doug.

Please, please keep in touch with one another . Reach out when you can to the members we have missed lately . We need each other now more than ever. Please reach out to one of us if there is absolutely anything we can do to be supportive of you or your loved ones. We are your family too.

Respectfully submitted, Peggy Akers

The next Maine VFP Zoom chapter meeting will be July 30 at 7:00 pm.