Thursday, March 31st 2016 meeting, held at the Brunswick Unitarian Universalist Church.

Members in attendance, Richard and Rita Clement, David Larsen, Doug Rawlings, Peggy Akers, Robin Spencer, Dan Ellis, Regis Tremblay, Clarence Smith, Dave Crowley, John Morris, Peter Morgan JR, Peter Woodruff, Gerry Kamke, Nicole Moreau

Letter from Dottie Blanchette thanking chapter members for the framed photo of Tim and for chapter members attending the services for Tim.

Opening Inspiration, Jerry played an original song.

Doug moved to nominate Nicole as secretary, Doug and Robin seconded. Chapter approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report.

Notes in minutes aren’t correct,

Dan is still working to get Quicken up to date March we spent 65.00, total balance is 8,466.33

Report was approved by membership

Maine Share (Richard)

Point report is now due June 1st, we need 15 points to be in good standing

Annual Meeting is May 17th (Tuesday), Richard will be attending in Augusta 2 to 4:30 in the afternoon. Doug might be able to come. Other members are invited


132 total, 81 are paid up.

Dan has sent out letters to the members who aren’t paid up, he won’t take people off the membership list until they are a year delinquent.

His letters netted 5 renewals.


Overwhelming response to the Smedley’s anti islamaphobia videos per Regis

Video has been seen over 600,000 times, and it’s over an hour long

Regis is going to San Fran and Seattle to do interviews on Tuesday,

May he’ll be doing five in Washington to interview David Vine, Ray McGovern, Tim Shorack and a few others Regis asked for $500 for an upcoming trip to film for his new film Three Minutes to Midnight. April 30th to May 6th, Doug moved that we donate 500, Smitty seconded motion. Chapter approved motion. Peggy and Doug spoke to about 125 seniors at Yarmouth High School, peggy feels like students seem more disinterested, thinks times are changing. Doug thinks that the students were more engaged. Elders for Future GenerationsDoug Doug said nothing new has happened, hasn’t heard back from Fred Doug spoke about national newsletters, both the national newsletter, and the new The Full Disclosure Publication One time publication, two bundles will be at the chapters He encouraged letters to the wall to be written by chapter members Peggy has a poem published in newsletter Another version will be coming out at the end of April May 25th, VFP is going to have the constitution hall and is going to put copies of full disclosure out in the convention center. This is during the week of lobby day. Will also be laying out letters at the wall on memorial day. Patriots Pen Award, 7th graders write a letter about what it means to be a patriot. Robin brought this to our attention. It’s being put on by the VFW Brunswick Memorial Day ParadeMay 30th. Dan said peaceworks wants to know if we will be there, Richard, Smitty said they will be there. Smitty has most of the chapter flags. Will firm up more information at the April meeting. Moving Wall, will be in Thomaston, May 26th to the 30th, at the Knox Museum. It will be open 24 hours a day while it’s here. Maine Peace Walk Amount of sponsorship is yet to be determined Bruce is going to drive the walk route soon, dates may be adjusted. We need to postpone amount of sponsorship until we hear from Bruce. Doug offered up VFP renting the van for the walk if need be. Dan is going to let Bruce know the updates. The walk is going to take place from October 8th to the 22nd. For more information on the walk please contact Bruce at Maine War Tax Resister’s event on the 19th in Portland “Global Day of Action on Military Spending” Lisa Savage, Bruce Gagnon, Seth Berner (Peace Action Maine), are planning to speak. They are still looking for VFP speaker Marth Speiss is putting it on. 11 to 11:30, her contact info is The event is going to take place in Congress Square Park Meg Perry Center Peggy and Bud They’re trying to reopen in a new space, There are meetings regularly, Regis suggested that they look into the churches History of Meg Perry, activist from Maine, killed in her early 20s. Jacqui is the contact person. Honoring Peacemakers. Talked about honoring a female peacemaker in the community, 2 months ago the chapter decided to honor Suzanne Hendrick. Peggy is making a plaque for her. We will start the meeting she attends a little early for the ceremony Support of Muslims in Lewiston Peggy and Doug Peggy thinks we should do something like the Smedly Butler Brigade did Doug spoke to Pat in Boston, Rita suggested contacting the Augusta UU Church, Rita said she can contact some student’s families. VFP’s initiative for the next year is challenging islamaphobia. Doug suggested we could do a potluck/friendship dinner. Regis thinks we should do something, Doug is willing to set up a meeting with the Boston Imam, and Jerry, Regis, Richard all offered to go with him. Doug will do what he can to set up a similar program here. Dave Crowley has some contacts at Deering High School, if the program takes off he is willing to reach out to them. Hope Festival, April 23rd at UMO Chapter Three usually has a table, Bangor Peace and Justice center is still involved Memorial the playApril 9th and 10th. Dr. Charles LeBorde, teacher in Charlotte NC. When the Vietnam Memorial was completed in 1982, LaBorde had his class do improvisations based on veterans memoirs, and this play is the result. , Will be performed at Johnson Hall in Gardiner, “a theatrical oral history of americans in Vietnam” Shows are at 7:30 on Saturday and at 2 pm on Sunday, tickets are 8 at the door BDS meeting in Bath on Saturday April 2nd, 10 to Noon at UCC at 798 Washington St Part of the campaign to end the Israeli Occupation Coalition. Focus on a sustained campaign throughout Maine. Focus on REMAX, who sells land in Israeli settlements For more information email Regis and Peter spoke about an ordinance in Bath, fee will be imposed on an group larger than 50, that will be present for longer than 6 hours. They feel as though this is directed at BIW protesters. The final hearing is coming up, Bruce has approached the ACLU, but they have been unresponsive. Doesn’t apply to things like sporting events, parades. Year in ReviewRichard compiled it, and it can be found on the website. Dan urged us to take national newsletter and distribute them to people, and he also wants us to take business cards Barry Ladendorf is trying to get Oliver Stone to be keynote speaker for convention, Regis reached out to him and replied, said he will do what he can to make it for some event. Ann Jones is going to be the keynote speaker for the convention per Doug. April meeting is in Augusta at the Holocaust and Human Rights Center at 7 pm. Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm