May 2017, 2017, Augusta, Maine

Richard opened meeting at 7:05

Meeting in Augusta, May 25, 2017 – opened by Richard at 7:05

Members present – Richard Clement, Rita Clement, Dan Ellis, Brian Clement, Clarence Smith, Robin Spencer, Doug Rawlings, Peter Morgan, John Morris

Minutes of April meeting accepted as submitted

Dan gave Treasurer’s report – balance as of 5/24 was $5,402.85

Dan gave Membership report – 102 members, 58 paid up

Richard reported on the MaineShare annual meeting. Donations have increased which should result in more money for VFP

Richard reported on Regis’ movie tour. The interest level has been high and Regis expressed his thanks for support from the chapter.

Doug reported on the calendar project. Donations are $500 from the Zinn Foundation, $500 from our VFP chapter, and $100 from Peace Action Maine. Approximately 250 – 500 copies are expected to be printed

Doug reported on Memorial Day activities in DC. Sixty letters will be delivered to the Wall, and rallies will be held at the Lincoln Memorial and the White House featuring speeches, music, a reading of MLK’s 1967 antiwar speech and a letter to President Trump demanding justification for ongoing military actions in the Mideast

Richard once again expressed his desire to step down as chapter president. No one has yet stepped forward. Discussion was held as to the possibility of splitting the president’s duties among two or three people.

There is also an opening for a board member to replace Jerry Kampke. No volunteers at this point.

The Brunswick Peace Fair will be held on August 5th. VFP will have a booth. Fee is $40 to Peaceworks

VFP will march together with Peaceworks in the Memorial Day parade in Brunswick/Topsham on May 29th

VFP will have a booth at the MOFGA Common Ground Fair on September 22-24. The fee is $135 and nine passes will be available for booth staffers

The 7th annual Conference of the Maine Military and Community Network will be held on July 20th at the Augusta Civic Center. This is an event for veterans, their families and support services

The Brunswick Air Show will be held on August 26 and 27. VFP will protest outside the entrance

Doug attended the film showing of “Beyond the Divide” at UMF. Approximately thirty people were in attendance.

VFP members participated in the Climate March in Augusta on April 29. Richard reported that it was well attended

Clarence attended a memorial at the UU church in Portland for the wife of former VFP member Cushman Anthony

A motion was made, seconded and passed to give Doug $600 to cover expenses for his Memorial Day trip to DC. Peter Morgan will also make the trip but rejected financial assistance.It is not certain whether he would have been given any, had he made the request. We’ll never know.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM