Treasury balance 5/30/2019: $2,591.40

Membership: 93 total, 67 paid up.

Memorial Day reports:

  • Kirstin and Peter Morgan attended the parade in Portland.
  • Eleven VFP and Peace Action Maine members marched in the Topsham-Brunswick parade.
  • Doug represented the chapter in Washington DC and delivered 63 Letters to the Wall.

Don Kimball will represent the chapter at the National Convention in Spokane, Washington in August. The chapter will provide $500 to help with his expenses.

The chapter will donate $150 to support the VFP Golden Rule Project in conjunction with the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN). The Golden Rule will make a “Peace in the Pacific Voyage” beginning in May and visiting Hawaii,Guam, Korea, Japan and other sites to raise awareness of the danger of nuclear war and to encourage the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Discussion was held on Rob Shetterly’s next edition of his “Americans Who Tell the Truth” calendar. No recommendations from the list of potential candidates were made and any decision as to funding the project will be made at a future meeting.

Don Kimball asked for letters of support for whistleblower Reality Winner who is currently incarcerated.

A strong VFP member presence was encouraged for the next Aegis destroyer “christening” at Bath Iron Works on Saturday, June 22nd. The protest will include a civil resistance action. Anyone considering being a part of the civil resistance should attend a meeting on the 21st to finalize plans. Details will be provided on the listserv.

The third annual National Gun Violence Awareness Day will be held on Saturday, June 8 on the Brunswick Mall. Info at and on the listserv.

Updates were provided on Tarak Kauff and Ken Mayers situation in Ireland and on the VFP presence at the Venezuelan Embassy in D C.

Robin reported on her trip to Puerto Rico.

Doug reported on the June 6 demonstration at the VA. Contact him for details.

Eric reported on his trip to Vietnam and his upcoming film. No completion date at the moment.

Peter Morgan reported on the “Listening to the Call of the Great Spirit” peace walk. Details on the listserv.

Doug reported on the September antiwar exhibit in Boston.

A photograph was taken of the meeting attendees wearing orange in support of Moms Demand Action (on gun violence).

Meeting adjourned at 8;45 PM.

Next meeting June 27th at the U U Church in Brunswick.