Meeting opened at 7:20pm by Pres. Doug Rawlings

Attendance: Doug Rawlings, Richard Clement, Dan Ellis, Peter Morgan, Dave Larsen, Suzanne Hedrick, Don Kimball, Ben Carling, Garrett Repenhagen, Tom Whitney, Sally Chappell, Peggy Akers, Martha Spiess, Larry Gilbert, Eric Herter, John Morris

Peter took a screen shot photograph of the group, resplendent in orange, in support of Moms Demand Action. He will post it on the listserv.

We welcomed Ben Carling as our newest Chapter member. Ben is a Navy veteran and a resident of Portland.

Secretary’s Report: April minutes accepted as written.

Treasurer’s Report: checking account – $5500.35, savings account – $4632.55 as of 5/27/22

Memorial Day Parade: We will march with Peace Works and will carry a banner and as many flags as members bring. Seven members at the meeting intend to take part in the march. Marchers should be at the start location in Topsham by 8:30 for the parade start at 9:00

Golden Rule Project: The Golden Rule is scheduled to be in Maine in June, 2023.Project Director Helen Jaccard will be at our June meeting to discuss details which will include a stay in Portland and a possible trip up the Kennebec River to our beloved Bath Iron Works. More information can be found at

Bernard Lown Peace Bridge Action in August to commemorate the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Planning will begin in June by Larry, Suzanne, and Tom. Doug reported that Physicians for Social Responsibility is interested in collaborating with us and Eric will attempt to contact peace activist Joseph Gerson for a possible speaking role at the event.

Doug reported that he has copies of the latest issue of Peace and Planet News for anyone who would like to have them. Let Doug know and he will mail them to you. Ukraine is featured in this issue..

MAINESHARE: The organization has undergone some changes and now appears to be stronger than ever. The previous method of determining allocations to member organizations using a point system has been eliminated and Richard believes this was a positive step. Our membership fee of $435.43 will be deducted from our next distribution which should be in June in the amount of approximately $2000.

Common Ground Fair: Sept.24-26. We will have our usual corner table in the Social Justice Tent.

Membership Drive: Our membership is currently seventy five and dues will be $35 (or less if $35 is not affordable), due in June. Peggy and Don will mail notices to members.

Rob Shetterly Project: Doug and Dud Hendrick will meet with Rob’s staff to plan the showing of the Truthtellers film in Maine high schools in the fall. The current plan is to show the film to 200 high school teachers with the hope of getting ten schools to show the film in their schools. We will match Herb Hoffman’s $2000 contribution to the project to jump start funding and will also take care of the logistics involved in the school showings.

Doug brought up the possibility of having two members handle the duties of each officer in the chapter. After discussion Peggy volunteered to assist Doug with Presidential matters and Don will help Dan with his Treasurer duties. Richard and John indicated that they did not need any help with their work as Vice President and Secretary, respectively.

Poor People’s Campaign: Martha reported that a free bus ride and free overnight stay are available to anyone interested  for the trip to Washington DC on June 17-18. We will help with associated costs if requested. Garrett reported that Code Pink is providing housing in DC for $35.Go to their web site for details. Ben is planning to make the trip but has already made his own arrangements.

Peggy volunteered to write up and submit a summary of chapter activities to MaineShare for their next newsletter.

Hallowell Parade: Richard reported that it will be held on July 16th and that he hopes we will participate.

Doug reported that he was part of a delegation from Physicians for Social Responsibility that met with Senator King’s staff to discuss the future of nuclear weapons but that King is not likely to support efforts to abolish said weapons.

Doug and Peggy will speak to a history class at Falmouth High School on May 31st. The topic will be the war in Ukraine.

Peter reported that Kathleen McFadden of Moms Demand Action is planning a bicycle ride from Boston to Provincetown to highlight the need for gun legislation. A motion was made, seconded, and passed unanimously to donate $250 for her trip.

Peter mentioned that a slide show presentation (virtual) is available from VFP National on the VFP Climate Crisis and Militarism Project. Details on their web site.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm.

Next meeting on Thursday, June 30th at 7pm (Zoom).