Next Meeting

Next Meeting

September 29, 2022

7:30 pm. Zoom meeting. You will receive a Zoom invitation in the early part of the day.

Meeting & Retreat Minutes

September 1, 2022 Meeting

Meeting opened at 7:10 pm by President Doug Rawlings. Attendance: Doug Rawlings, Sally Chappell, Larry Gilbert, Don...

July 28, 2022 Meeting

Meeting opened by Doug at 7pm Attendance: Doug Rawlings, Dan Ellis, Larry Gilbert, Peter Morgan, Eric Herter, Dave...

June 30, 2022 Meeting

Meeting opened by Doug at 7:04 Attendance: Dave Larsen, Dan Ellis, Doug Rawlings, Seth Bernier, Peggy Akers, Eric...

May 26, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 7:20pm by Pres. Doug Rawlings Attendance: Doug Rawlings, Richard Clement, Dan Ellis, Peter Morgan,...

March 3, 2022 Meeting Minutes

PRESENT: Dave Larsen, Kristina Wolff, Richard Clement, Peter Morgan, Don Kimball, Peggy Akers, Dan Ellis, Sally Chappelle, Larry Gilbert, Doug Rawlings, and Martha Speiss. Special guests: Amanda Langely (Director of the MaineShare Program); Ken Mayers (VFP member Extraordinaire from New Mexico); and Lynn Ellis (Maine Gun Safety Coalition).

January 27, 2022 Meeting Minutes

January 27,2022 meeting opened by Pres. Rawlings at 7:32pm Moment of Inspiration: Don read a passage from the Talmud in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day

October 28, 2021, Meeting Minutes

Doug introduced Ann Jones and read excerpts from her book “They Were Soldiers”, which profiles the struggles of returning wounded veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.