Meeting opened at 7:08pm by Doug (meeting on December 9)

Attendance: Doug Rawlings, Peter Morgan, Suzanne Hedrick, Dan Ellis, John Morris, Dave Larsen, Richard Clement, Don Kimball, Sally Chappell, Martha Spiess, Peggy Akers

Inspirational poem read by Dan Ellis

October Secretary’s report accepted as written

Treasurer’s report: as of December 9, $3,450.19 in checking, $2,632.12 in savings, $6,082.31 total. This does not include a $1400 donation from friends of Dud Hendrick (in appreciation of his work to promote peace) and a $549.65 donation from Augusta Veterans Acupuncture

Richard reported that we will receive a distribution from Maine Share in the near future and that he and Doug will attend their next meeting

Peggy reported that the Maine Housing Coalition (former homeless helping currently homeless) are requesting financial help. A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to donate $500 (and to include information on how to join our chapter

Martha reported that Peace Action Maine is offering a six week class on COP26 (the UN Conference on Climate Change recently held in Glasgow). The cost per student is $100. Doug will see if there is interest among his UMF students
Martha’s excellent film covering our Armistice Day action in Portland was forwarded to VFP National to be included in their coverage of VFP actions nationwide

Sally recommended two books for our reading pleasure (and education)

The Road to Unfreedom by historian Timothy Snyder (on Ukraine) and War Without Mercy by John Dower (on the WWII air war in the Pacific)
Doug reported that the on-line link for voting in the current VFP election is operable

Don suggested we make a donation to Doctors Without Borders. A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to donate $500
He also suggested a letter of support for the VFP Golden Rule Project (advocating abolition of nuclear weapons and against war). Discussion resulted in agreement for support and Doug will draft a letter expressing same and will post it on the listserv for editing

Peter announced that a Sandy Hook Vigil will be held at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Brunswick at 5pm on Tuesday, December14. Wear a mask.

Don announced that a women’s forum on military sexual assault will be held at the Betsy Ann Rose House of Hope in Augusta on December 11. Info at 207-530-0466

He also asked everyone to call Senators King and Collins and ask them to vote against the $24 billion in the NDAA above what the President requested and the $28 billion for nuclear weapons development and research

Martha requested that everyone call Representatives Pingree and Golden and ask them to sign on to a letter to President Biden to urge him to release funds for food for Afghans

Peggy reported that she hoped to have Perry O’Brien from Common Defense speak at our next meeting

Doug showed a short video “Disneyland of War” by Chris Smiley, highlighting military propaganda at the Miramar (CA) Air Show. Discussion followed.

Doug reported that the latest edition of Peace and Planet News is now available on-line.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm. Next meeting on December 30 (via Zoom)