November 30, 2017, Brunswick, Maine

Meeting opened by Richard at 7pm

Members present: Richard Clement, Dan Ellis, Martha Morrison, Peter Morgan, Doug Rawlings, Clarence Smith, Vicki Saint Amand, Michael King, Rita Clement, John Morris, Robin Spencer, Peggy Akers

October minutes accepted as written

Treasury balance as of 11/30/2017: $3,532.17

Membership: 96 total, 83 paid up

Maine Share: Richard reported that more than $5 million have been disbursed since 1990

Education: Doug and Peggy reported that they spoke to 150 Yarmouth High School seniors and that the response was very positive

Outreach: Don Kimball will speak on WMPG in the near future. Check their website for details

Doug Rawlings volunteered to act as interim chapter president for one year or until a replacement can be found

Calendars were distributed at the meeting. Doug still has about 45 calendars left

Doug reported that the dinner hosted by his UMF Peace Studies class was attended by 70 people including 30 veterans. Twenty $15 gift certificates were made available to veterans currently attending UMF, courtesy of our chapter

Discussion was held concerning the replacement of our current antiquated sound system. Dan estimated that the minimum cost of replacement would be $700 and that rental of a system when needed would be $75. No decision was made and the matter was tabled until the next meeting

It was agreed that we should send a letter to the Maine legislature opposing the proposed $60 million tax break requested by General Dynamics for Bath Iron Works. John will contact Bruce Gagnon to see if he will write the letter which would then be submitted to the chapter board for approval.

Doug reported that the My Lai memorial project will travel across the country from California to the East Coast.The chapter will coordinate its showing when it reaches Maine

Jury selection will be held in West Bath at 8:30am on January 4th for the “Aegis Nine” defendants. All are encouraged to support them on that date.

The annual Advent vigil, sponsored by Smiling Tree Disarmament Tree, will take place at BIW in Bath on Dec.2, 9, 16, and 23 from 11:30am-12:30pm. All are invited to participate.

Members attended and/or took part in the following activities in November: Peace Wave film “Command and Control” on Nov.14, Armistice Day parade in Portland on Nov. 11, counter rally ( organized by Smedley chapter ) in Boston, Women in Black vigils in Portland, and an address given by Andrew Bacevich (on U S militarism) in Portland. The chapter also endorsed the SOAW Border Gathering in Arizona on Nov. 10-13

Robin reported on Governor LePage’s veto of an Act to Create Veteran Friendly Workplaces. The veto was sustained by the legislature.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm. Next meeting on Dec. 28 in Portland