Veterans for Peace
Tom Sturtevant Chapter 1
October 29, 2015
UMA Holocaust Center
Augusta, Maine

Present: Richard & Rita Clement, Dan Ellis, Regis Tremblay, Peter S. Morgan, Jr., Doug Rawlings, Dud Hendrick, Bud Buzzell, Bruce Gagnon, Peter Woodruff, Martha Morrison, Clarence Smith, Tom Whitney, David Larsen

Reading/Inspiration: Regis talked about a book he is finding remarkable called “The Federal Reserve Cartel” by Dean Henderson that spells out in detail those of the ruling global oligarchy. In addition an obituary was passed around to those present that was recently printed in the Bangor Daily News by Michael LaChance, a vet, who died and wrote his own obit. It was a total anti-war piece and clear evidence that we have allies out there.

Secretary Report: Minutes from last meeting accepted and are on the web site

Treasurer Report : Present bank balance is $7,557. Robin Spencer is new in role as treasurer and still needs more help learning how to report on the monthly income/expenses. Doug, Richard and Dan have agreed to help her.

Membership : Now have 132 members, 97 are currently paid-up with dues. Dan also passed around the new chapter business cards and urged members to share them widely. If you want some contact Dan at

Education/Outreach : Regis reported on the Nov 14 showing of The Ghosts of Jeju at Railroad Square cinema in Waterville. The theater is widely promoting the showing which is being sponsored by our chapter. Regis has made contact with several Colby College professors as well. It was agreed that the chapter would pay the $200 fee for rental of the theater. The showing will be free and open to the public. Regis also said his recently released VFP video of Peggy Akers has been very well received. His latest one is of Bruce Gagnon. Find them at

Peace in Our Times : Doug passed around the latest addition of national’s newsprint paper. He ordered two bundles and urges members to drop them at various events/locations.

Spectrum Generations : The Nov 18 ‘Lunch and Learn’ will be held in Damariscotta and have requested a VFP speaker. Doug will go.

Elders for Future Generations : Doug requested that we endorse the campaign on gun control that is attempting to collect signatures to get on 2016 state ballot. A statement to Maine’s federal senators would carry our chapter name. Approved.

BIW ‘Christening’ Oct 31 : The next Aegis destroyer will be ‘christened’ at BIW on Oct 31. A protest sponsored by several Maine groups will begin at 9:00 am until noon. Richard wondered if VFP was wanted as a sponsor? Bruce replied that it was up to the chapter. He stated that on Oct 1 when he learned about the ‘christening’ he sent an email to chapter leaders inquiring about the desire to sponsor the protest and got no response. So he moved on and went with groups that responded. There was a discussion about not being enough active people to do work anymore or to attend protests. No action was taken.

Maine Peace Walk Report : Bruce reported that the peace walk had a total of $1,984.04 in expenses. He turned in more checks totaling $435 which brought total walk income so far to $1,445 with a couple more checks yet expected to come in. That means the walk will only in the end cost the chapter a couple hundred bucks. Bruce said he was disappointed that more from the chapter did not attend walk events along the way. The Boston-area Smedley Butler Brigade turned out many walkers and hosted the chapter for supper and sleeping in York Beach. Several of our members said they lived too far away or had other business going at the time – the chapter is aging. Doug suggested the walk was too long. Regis made a concluding video about the walk which can be seen at

CGFair : Richard reported that as usual the chapter did not lose money on the fair. There were many good conversations, a couple of new members were recruited, and the button maker was as busy as usual. He also reported that MaineShare appreciated that we had their promo piece on our table. Richard concluded that we did not have enough help at the fair and that he had to cover various holes in the schedule.

MaineShare Fundraiser : Our chapter annual fundraiser for MaineShare (which we are required to do) will be a bowling day on Saturday, Nov 7 at the Yankee Bowling Lanes on Old Bath Road near Cooks Corner in Brunswick. It will run from 10:00 am to noon and folks will likely have lunch together afterwards. Suzanna and Mary Sturtevant will attend. Chapter will pay for the lanes and shoe rental. All members are urged to write a check to MaineShare and put VFP in the “For” line. Send the checks to Richard Clement at 280 Whitefield Rd, Pittston, ME 04345. Call him at 582-4787 with any questions.

Homeless Vets : The chapter received a letter from Avesta Housing saying they are now accepting applications from vets for an affordable housing project they are doing in Portland’s East End. More info available at 207-245-3343. Dan will forward the Avesta email to our list serve.

Hospice Council Confab at Togus : On Nov 20 Maine Hospice Council is holding a conference at Togus on ALS and other neuro-degenerative diseases. Vets at a younger age are now coming down with ALS. Richard will contact organizers to offer VFP support. Peter Woodruff is interested in attending since he has a neuro-degenerative disorder due to his years of sucking down steel dust at BIW.

SOA Trip : Tom Whitney is going to travel to the School of Americas (SOA) protest in Columbus, Ga on Nov 20-22. He will do a workshop there on Cuban healthcare. He is looking for someone to drive down with. Contact him if interested at

Open Discussion : Regis asked why aren’t we talking more at our meetings about the coming real possibility of global war between the US and China/Russia who the Pentagon is repeatedly provoking? Add climate change into the equation and we don’t have much time.

Next Meeting in Augusta : We will meet on Nov 19 at 7:00 pm in Portland at USM