October 26, 2017, Brunswick, Maine

Meeting opened by Richard at 7pm

Members present: Richard Clement, Rita Clement, Peter Morgan, Don Kimball, Bud Buzzell, Clarence Smith, Peggy Akers, Bob Lezer, Tom Whitney, Martha Morrison, Peter Woodruff, Regis Tremblay, John Morris, Dan Ellis

September meeting minutes accepted as read

Treasurer’s report: balance as of 10/26/2017 was $4,458.70

Membership: 104 total, 85 paid-up

Maine Share: letter received thanking VFP for help received at the Common Ground Fair

Education/Outreach/Media: Regis reported that his film “Thirty Seconds to Midnight” has received over 35,000 views on Youtube and that it has been translated into Russian for release sometime next year. He has had to postpone a trip to El Salvador and Nicaragua to promote the film due to his recent knee replacement but will journey to Belize in November to interview Guy McPherson, a noted expert on climate change.

Discussion was held on the issue of Chapter President. It was suggested that Richard give a firm date for his resignation.

Upcoming events: Veterans Day parade Nov. 11 in Portland, Peace Wave film “Command and Control” Nov. 14 at the Brunswick Library, SOAW Border Gathering Nov. 10-13 in Arizona {endorsed by the chapter}, Andrew Bacevich talk in Portland Oct. 28

Chapter will donate $1300 to the Maine Peace Walk to help cover expenses. This year’s Walk was confined to the Bath/Brunswick area and emphasized the conversion of Bath Iron Works to peaceful purposes. Participants included Joyakgol (peace activist from Jeju Island, Korea), Will Griffen (VFP member and filmmaker from Georgia}, and Liz McAlister {activist and widow of Phil Berrigan} as well as local chapter members and community activists.

Discussion was held on the Vietnam documentary by Ken Burns. Criticism centered on the fact that important aspects of the war such as the impact on Vietnam civilians and the criminal nature of the U S invasion were either misrepresented or given inadequate coverage.

Dan reported that the present VFP sound system is old and unreliable and that a replacement would cost roughly $700. Renting a system was suggested as an alternative. Dan will investigate further.

Jury selection for the trial of the “Aegis Nine” has been postponed until January. More details later.

Dan reported that only eight people attended the showing of the Peace Wave film “Hibakusha: Our Right to Live”

“Americans Who Tell the Truth” calendars are still available. See the VFPMaine website for details.

Richard reported that the button machine was used by two outside groups, To Lisa Savage (Code Pink) and to a member of the Maine Education Association (from whom a $50 donation was received).

Dan asked that any email posts be made directly to the listserv and to be sure that email address of those posting is correct.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm. Next meeting Nov. 30 in Augusta.