Meeting opened by Doug at 7PM

Members present: Rita Clement, Richard Clement, Brian Clement, Bill Marston, Tom Whitney, Bud Buzzell, Peter Woodruff, Don Kimball, Peter Morgan, Peggy Akers, Martha Morrison, Clarence Smith, Sally Chappell, Jon Chappell, Dan Ellis, Doug Rawlings, John Morris

Also present: Susan Gold and Veronica Boda (Vet 2 Vet Maine), Adam Farrell, Daniel Hutchings, and Rob Foley (guests of Don Kimball)

Opening statement of inspiration: Doug read a Letter to the Wall by Susan Schnall (Navy nurse in Vietnam)

The October Unsung hero award recipient was Don Kimball

Secretary’s report: September meeting minutes accepted as read

Treasurer’s report: Total assets as of 10/24/2018 were $4,046.38

Membership report: 107 members total (70 paid up)

Sue Gold (Executive Director of Vet 2 Vet Maine) explained the program of the organization, which is to support veterans through a mentoring/partnering relationship between veterans. Detailed information can be found on their website, We will stay in contact with the organization.

Peter Morgan distributed a flyer about the Domestic Violence Awareness Month Vigil to be held at USM on October 29th at 6:45 PM. All are invited to attend.

Veterans Day (should be Armistice Day): members will gather at Monument Square at 10:30 on Nov. 11th. Discussion was held as to possible actions in addition to our presence at the parade. These included asking local churches to ring bells at 11AM, contacting news outlets (especially Bill Nemitz of the Portland Press Herald) to raise awareness of the original purpose of Nov. 11 celebrations,, the procurement of an Armistice Day banner to display in addition to our VFP flags, and distribution of copies of the Armistice Day edition of Peace in Our Times.

A panel discussion will be held at the Portland Media Center at 2 PM on Oct. 27th to conclude a week long celebration of free speech, sponsored by several local organizations.The featured speaker will be Ellen Alderman, noted civil rights attorney and author. The event is free and open to the public.

Discussion was held on the subject of a chapter retreat. No decision was reached and further discussion will be at the next meeting.

Don Kimball’s next show “Friendly Fire” on WMPG will feature interviews with two veterans, Adam Farrell and Dan Hutchings, both of whom were present at tonight’s meeting.

Don introduced another guest, Rob Foley, who spoke about his involvement with weapons of war manufacture and his subsequent change of heart and current mentoring of war veterans.

Book recommendation from Sally: War and the Soul by Edward Tick, on veterans’ PTSD.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50. Next meeting Dec. 27 at the UU Church in Brunswick.