Meeting opened at 7pm by Doug

Attendance: Doug Rawlings, Larry Gilbert, Dan Ellis, Peter Morgan, Richard Clement, Suzanne Hedrick, Lynn Ellis, Sally Chappell, Don Kimball, Tom Whitney, Peggy Akers, Marthe Spiess, John Morris

Inspiration: Song by John Gorka (Dan) and one by Woody Guthrie (John)

Secretary’s Report: September minutes accepted as written.

Treasurer’s Report: Checking Account – $3906.25, Savings Account – $4933.69.

$3500 is allocated to the Shetterly Project.

T-shirts cost $936.Twenty two of  the forty shirts have already been ordered by members at $20 each. They can be picked up in Brunswick any time or from Doug in Portland on Nov. 11 or mailed to the recipient.

Dues ($30) can be paid using the VFP Maine web site. Same for the T-shirts. Please pay dues if you haven’t already done so.

Lynn reported that the Fitzpatrick Dinner scheduled for Nov. 17th has been cancelled until Spring. She will keep us informed.

Armistice Day: We will gather at Monument Square in Portland at 10am on Novovember 11th for our customary vigil. Bring VFP flags and/or banners if you have them.

Shetterly Project: Doug reported that one hundred teachers from Maine high schools attended the workshop at Thomas College on Novovember 5th. We will cover the cost of ten DVDs at $250 each and provide $1000 for travel expenses for workshop speakers.

Peter Woodruff Remembrance: It was decided to give Peter’s wife a T-shirt and a plaque commemorating Peter’s many years of commitment to the cause of peace as a VFP member. Doug and Dan will come up with a suitable message to be inscribed on the plaque.

Tom reported that there will be two “Let Cuba Live” rallies to protest the US embargo on Cuba: Friday Oct. 28 at 5pm at Congress Square in Portland (Women in Black) and Saturday Oct.29 at noon on the Green in Brunswick.

More info at

Golden Rule: Peter reported that he would like help for planning and fundraising for the GR visit next summer. He will send emails concerning specific needs for the project.

Don reported on his efforts to provide meals to unhoused people in Deering Oaks Park in Portland. Peggy suggested a contribution of $500 and this was agreed on. Lynn will send $250 to Don now and the rest to him as it is needed.

Peter reported that the VFP Regional Zoom meeting will be Friday, October 28 at 5pm. Link to the meeting will be in the chat notes which Peter will post on line.

Sally will send an email to Doug with details on the current situation in Haiti.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm.

Novovember meeting will be held on Thursday, Dececember1 due to Thanksgiving being on November 24.