Meeting opened at 7:04 PM by Doug Rawlings (via ZOOM)

Attendees: Doug Rawlings, Richard Clement, Dave Larsen, Dud Hendrick, Peter Morgan, Dan Ellis, Sally Chappell, Don Kimball, Dave Crowley. Bill Leonard, Peggy Akers, Martha Spiess, Suzanne Hedrick, John Morris, Danny Beever, Mike Tork.

Two guests, VFP members Danny Beever of New York and Mike Tork of Massachusetts, spoke of their reasons for running for positions on the National VFP Board of Directors for the upcoming term.

Danny is a veteran of the British Army and served in Kosovo and Iraq. He served as Chair and Event Organizer for VFP U.K. and is presently living in NewYork State and working on the establishment of a new VFP chapter in the Mohawk Valley. If elected, his primary focus would be on increasing membership, especially among younger veterans, women, and minorities.

Mike (who has come to Maine several times in support of our protests at BIW and the Brunswick air show) has been active as part of the School of Americas Watch, CEASE in El Salvador, and has been on boards of two non-profit groups involved in civil rights causes. He is interested in forging alliances with other veterans groups and being an advocate for deported vets.

Secretary’s Report – August minutes accepted as read.

Treasurer’s Report – $4186.84 in savings, $1838.23 in checking, total as of Oct. 7 – $6025.07.

Doug reported that he has printed out fifty copies of the cartoon made by Laura Morris on Air Force bombers. Her next cartoon will be on the military recruitment of children.

Don Kimball suggested that we try to obtain Peter Woodruff’s collection of photographs for inclusion in material for the Bates College and University of Southern Maine VFP archives.

Doug will write a rough draft of a statement for candidates for the National Board, including Danny Beever and Mike Tork, that we could use as support from our chapter for their election.

Richard reported that a Zoom meeting will be held on Oct. 13th for information on the reorganization of Maine Share.The effects of the merger are still not known at this time. There will also be a Maine Share event at the Arboretum in Augusta on Oct. 21st.Registration is required for attendance.

Discussion was held on our participation in Portland on Armistice Day (erroneously referred to as Veterans Day by some). Should we continue our vigil at Monument Square or consider other options? No decision was reached.

Martha reported that our new sound system is portable and easy to use.It was used successfully at the State of Maine Air Show and the most recent “christening” at Bath Iron Works and is available for use by anyone in the chapter. It was suggested that it might also be used in conjunction with our Armistice Day action.

Sally made the suggestion that we might possibly distribute the aforementioned copies of Laura’s cartoon as part of our action.

Peter reported that Moms Demand Action is currently focusing on gun safety as relates to schools and school shootings. He will provide links to MDA news on the internet.

Don provided an address for drone whistleblower Daniel Hale, who is beginning a forty five month sentence at the maximum security Federal Prison in Marion, Illinois. It is:

Daniel E. Hale, #26069-075

U S Penitentiary Marion

P O Box 1000

Marion IL 62959

Martha reported that a video of the action at the recent “christening” of the newest Arleigh Burke Class destroyer at BIW is available on youtube. The video includes tributes to Peter Woodruff by Bruce Gagnon and Mary Beth Sullivan as well as remarks by Dud Hendrick.

We need to consider the possibility of replacing Smitty and Robin on the Board of Directors due to their inactivity (not their lack of interest) over the last few months.

Chat notes:

Danny provided the web address for the upcoming VFP Board election. It is ballot.

He also gave an address for a video of an action he led in Britain in 2019.

Martha mentioned Rob Shetterly’s website :

Meeting adjourned at 8:32 PM. Next meeting (Zoom) on Thursday, October 28th .