September 28, 2017, Portland, Maine

Meeting opened at 7:10 pm by Richard

Members present: Richard Clement, Rita Clement, Dan Ellis, John Morris, Peter Morgan, Peter Woodruff, Robin Spencer

Also present: Caleb Roebuck (Maine Conservation Voters)

Ginny Schneider (New England War Tax Resistance)

Secretary’s report: minutes of August meeting accepted as written

Treasurer’s report: balance as of 9/30 is $3,531.10

Richard received a letter of thanks from Maine Share for VFP help at the Common Ground Fair. He also said that Maine Share would distribute VFP materials to their member groups

Dan reported that current membership is 103 (68 paid up members)

Ginny Schneider reported that NEWTR is currently addressing the issue of the ASVAB test given to high school students by the US military and the release of student information to the military as well as investigating the possibility of legislation to regulate the relationship between high schools and the military. She also expressed the wish that VFP become involved in this effort

Richard reported that Regis is currently on tour to promote his recent film

VFP will donate $100 to Peace Wave, a movement to bring attention to the problem of drones and nuclear weapons. A film “National Bird” featuring interviews with military veterans involved with drone warfare was shown in September at the Curtis Library in Brunswick. Two more films are scheduled: “Hibakusha: Our Right to Live”, about survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, at the UU Church in Brunswick on Oct. 24th at 6:30 pm, and “Command and Control” about the history and current management of the US nuclear arsenal at the Curtis Library on Nov. 14th at 7:30 pm. Both films are free and open to the public.

Richard reported on the Common Ground Fair. VFP had one booth this year instead of the usual two but donations (including those for calendars and other books and materials) were up from previous years. A new display of Shetterly cards, created by Richard and Rita, helped to improve the visibility of the booth and undoubtedly helped to increase revenue. Thanks to those members who staffed the booth during the fair.

The Maine Peace Walk will take place October 13-21. This year’s walk will take place entirely in Bath and Brunswick and will feature daily vigils at BIW, leaflet distribution to homes and businesses in Bath, a walk from Bath to Brunswick, evening talks and discussions, and entertainment. The theme of this year’s walk is “Community, Climate, and Conversion”. Members of VFP as well as any interested individuals are encouraged to participate, whether for the entire walk or just a day or even an hour. The full schedule of Walk events can be found on the websites of both VFP and Global Network

Comments on the Vietnam War documentary by Doug Rawlings are on the VFP website. Other commentary may be found on the websites commondreams.org and counterpunch.org

Dan reported on the change of host for the chapter website from Gearhost to Rise Up. VFP will give $100 to Rise Up to help resolve problems associated with the change

Dan reported on the film “Is Anybody Listening” shown in Brunswick on Sept. 8th. Attendance was low.

Letter of thanks was received from Peace Works for our participation in the Brunswick Peace Fair

Peter Morgan, Bruce Gagnon, and John Morris attended a social event hosted by the Boston chapter of VFP at Pat Scanlon’s house in York.

Memorial services were held for Loukie Lofchie at the Common Ground Fair and at the UU Church in Brunswick. Richard and Rita attended the former and Dan attended the latter

“Americans Who Tell the Truth” calendars are being distributed to Maine high schools. Doug Rawlings has copies of the calendars for those who can help with the distribution

Caleb Roebuck of Maine Conservation Voters discussed his efforts to raise awareness of climate change and energy security. He will communicate with VFP on these matters

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm. Next meeting is Oct. 26th in Brunswick