The Golden Rule will arrive in Portland on June 26th (Mon) and leave on June 28th (WEDS) for Bath and BIW. It’ll stay in Bath from the 28th to the 30th (Fri). Prior to Portland, it will be in Portsmouth, NH (contact person: Sandra Yarney).  In Portsmouth they will be focusing on Seabrook.

* POSSIBLE SUPPORTING GROUPS FOR THE MAINE VISIT: Maine VFP, Moms Demand Action, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Gun Safety Coalition, Maine Green Party, Peace Action Maine, Quakers, UU Church, DSA, Climate Groups, etc etc.

* Helen suggests that the welcoming of the Golden Rule to Portland could involve a statement from the mayor of Portland as well as from supporting groups.

* Docking space in Portland could cost $60 to $90 a night.  The Maine VFP Chapter will cover those costs.  Also, we should have a grand banquet welcoming the crew on the night of the 26th (also paid for by Maine VFP).

* My estimation is that the Golden Rule travels at about 6 MPH.  It’ll take about 7 hours for the boat to travel from Portland to Bath.  The crew will probably consist of 4 sailors with a shore support team of 3 following along.  Visitors are welcome to come on board at various times.  If you’re interested in crewing, you have to fill out an application form (see the Golden Rule website). At every stop the crew and support team welcome a warm meal or two and a place to stay off boat if possible.  Helen mentioned that the crew loves interacting with local supporters.

* How about promotion?  Well, Helen is hopeful that a videographer will be travelling with them.  In addition to that support, we should contact the Portland Media Center, MPBN, 207 staff, local papers and radio stations (including, of course, Don’s station, which will broadcast a show about the boat on June 21st). Helen suggested that we hold an event in Portland on Sunday, the 25th, the day before the boat arrives.  It could be an outdoor event with flyers handed out, speakers, etc etc. By the way, there is a 25 minute promotional film about the Golden Rule that can be accessed on their website.  We will be watching that film at our next chapter meeting at the end of March.

*Our next Golden Rule Committee meeting with Helen will be held on Tuesday, March 14th at 5:30pm.  We can invite others to join us.

NOTE: Although some might consider it to be sacrilegious, these notes can be modified and added to for further clarity. If you do do that, please pass your edits on to the crew listed above.  Thanks, Doug