We had our Veterans for Peace Chapter 001 retreat on Saturday at Viles Arboretum in Augusta, where we participated in a number of activities.

Beginning the day we were all welcomed by our President Richard Clement. Then a meditation was led by Priyadarshi. After the meditation, Regis Tremblay showed his film about Jeju Island which led to some great discussion about his work and the history of the Island’s struggles. Following that, we went to a local bridge in Augusta to protest and show our support for whistleblower Bradley Manning on the anniversary of his 1,000 day in custody without charges.

On returning from the bridge and after lunch, we had lots of lively discussion coordinated by Peggy Akers using Occupy’s tool referred to as the “open stack”. Later the activities of the chapter were discussed and actions voted on.

Here are a couple short videos from our vigil by Peter Woodruff